Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Jack Frost...

Well, my dears, Jack Frost has well and truly visited us this week with temperatures dropping to minus four at night. The estate gardens, in places, have remained frosted and white all day, quite a breathtaking spectacle. The birds are truly grateful for the apples my dear guardians have left upon the ground for them, plus the reinstatement of extra nuts, seeds and fats they require, as well as water, to get them through these harsh times.  The badgers, and the odd roe deer, are also partial to the apples, as well as descendents of our dear old friend Cedric. The murmurs of a hard winter to come may yet prove correct. The birds have fair stripped the holly hedge of the glorious red berries that so delighted my lady guardian.

The log burner has been lit each day much to my delight and our little home is blissfully warm. At times like these one is reminded of the Nordic countries ability to enjoy the cold weather and darker days. My lady guardian enjoys winter and thus the simple pleasures, such as those of the Nordic countries, are enjoyed. The art of winter dressing is embraced with wool and natural fibres predominant. I am inordinately fond of my guardians winter wardrobe for there is nought so comfortable or warm as a woollen garment. My lady guardian's late mother was also a firm believer in small wool rugs for this time of year, an invaluable addition to any home and we are the grateful owners of a number of such blankets. Now, my dears, with the Christmas season ever closer perhaps one such gift would be a blesssing for the country dwellers amongst your friends and family, for one can never have too many practical gifts in one's repertoire.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Bath Abbey

My darling guardians decided to take the carriage to a most delightful city. Bath really is quite a manageable city; one can walk everywhere and there are all manner of delights to suit all tastes. Since their visit to St. Paul's with the Antipodeans earlier this year, my dear guardians have considered the ecclesiastical delights closer to home. Thus today's little foray was to visit the Abbey and, in particular, to ascend the Abbey tower to view the architectural delights of the Abbey itself, as well as the beautiful city in which it stands. What a joy; the young man conducting the tour was most knowledgeable and personable, delighting us with detail on the first and second stops before reaching the top of the tower whereupon we gazed at the glory of Bath. At the first stop my lady guardian was most tempted by the many Sallys' hanging just above their heads for she was an amateur campanologist as a young girl (nought, it has to be said, as good as her twin sister, who rang the bells of many a fine local church in her day). One has to admire the bell ringers of the Abbey who ascend to the first level twice a week via a very narrow staircase to peal the bells, quite a feat in itself. 
Once my guardians had reached the top of the tower they were presented with a most warming cup of hot chocolate, very welcome on such a cold and windy day. Such a view, my dears, with not a cloud in the sky, quite breathtaking although that may have been the brisk wind cutting across the tower. 

They have now returned from their journey and the fire is lit for the evening for the forecast overnight is a minus figure. We do hope you too are warm and snug as the temperature begins to drop.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Happy Anniversary, dear guardians.

Today, my dears, is the 34th Wedding Anniversary of my darling guardians. We spent the day quietly, looking at their wedding album and smiling at shared memories. For ''tis the shared memories, the joy, the sadness, the laughter, the tears that come together as one. A quirk of an eyebrow, the squeeze of a hand enough to induce suppressed laughter. The joy in routines, of traditions passed through generations, of making a home together, working t'ward shared goals. Whilst new relationships bring a frisson of excitement, a longer term brings love and security. We are a most fortunate little family, for despite the ups and downs of the last year, my guardians delight in similar pleasures. Home is the heart of this, for there is nought so splendid as the sanctuary of the home built together. Storms are weathered and life paths adjusted in the knowledge of the security in our sanctuary. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Starry, starry night

Oh my, I do declare, what a glorious sky. As I sat waiting for my guardians to return from their professional toil, I took the time to gaze heavenward and lo, was I rewarded. The night sky is clear, the weather is crisp and the star scape quite beyond belief. The constellations are ablaze and quite delightful to gaze upon. My lady guardian, who was unbelievably home at a good hour, and I spent some time gazing upwards and revelling in the most delightful of sights. We do so hope that you too are able to enjoy the spectacle.

It has turned cooler today and my lady guardian is most delighted for she is not overly fond of hot weather. With the festive period looming, it is delightful to revel in the seasons. As I dictate this missive I can enjoy the warmth of a blazing fire and have taken the opportunity to closely monitor the exact temperature from my vantage point upon the hearth. It is, of course, vital to ensure a measured release of warmth therefore I have dutifully stretched myself across the said hearth to gauge this. One  believes in taking one's duties seriously, my dears.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Stormy night

Well, 'pon my soul, was Saturday not the stormiest night? Lashings of rain, thunder and stormy winds. My lady guardian and I surveyed the estate and gardens on Sunday morning to ensure that all was well, and thus far, we appeared to be intact. The estate gardens were adrift, indeed, awash with apples and leaves; it appears they were all shaken from their branches last evening during the storm. My male guardian arose at an early hour whilst still dark, off to professional toil; in light of the storm and uncertainty as to the state of the drive, an earlier hour than normal was felt prudent. Not one to rest on her laurels, my lady guardian once again took the opportunity to undertake her weekend chores. The fire was laid in preparation for the evening, however, much to my delight there must have been a live ember for the fire was soon alight and whilst my lady guardian was otherwise engaged, I basked in its warmth. My lady guardian took pity on me and thus the house has been joyously warm all day. 

Monday, came with rain lashing the southwest of England once more. ''Twas my lady guardians turn to leave the estate for professional toil amidst the rain, deviations to the route necessary in view of flooding. Fortunately my lady guardian has safely returned, however, rain continues to lash the countryside. For now we are all together and tomorrow is another day. We do so hope that you are all safe and secure despite the weather.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

A day of "doing"

Well, dear friends, today was a day of "doing". Living in the country, one is aware of the desire for some of the smaller country dwellers  wish to reside in close proximity to oneself, particularly when the winter provisions are laid down and the larder well stocked. 'Tis for this very reason that each autumn and spring my lady guardian takes stock, clears the larder, cleans scrubs and reviews the provisions with a beady eye, as well as ensuring that no such small country dwellers have found a way in to the larder, for such is the wish for a warm and comfortable lodging for the winter period, with meals thrown in. Thus, as my male guardian left to tend the sick and needy, barely had he drawn away, than my lady guardian girrded her loins and lo, the contents of the larder were spread before me. Top to bottom was scrubbed, provisions scrutinised and, only once my lady guardian was satisfied of there continued quality, were they returned whence they came. Whilst it is a mighty task, 'tis a sensible undertaking, although not one for the half hearted. Dear reader, I was quite fascinated upon commencement, however,  once it had been confirmed that no small country dwellers were lodging thus and required my assistance with rehoming, I fair lost interest. 'Twas all quite exhausting and therefore I felt it prudent to partake of forty winks whilst order was restored. My lady guardian clearly had something about her today for as I dozed most contentedly she utilised the time most fortuitously and I awoke to a warm, clean and fresh house; a vase of autumn leaves and hips resplendent on the side, mixed with the wood fragrance of the logs ready for a fire later this afternoon. Country comforts one and all, do you not agree?

Friday, 18 November 2016

Good gracious.....

Well, I do declare! One really cannot believe it but my lady guardian looked upon our calendar this very evening and did feel quite faint, for my dears, tis but just FIVE mere weeks til the festivities are upon us. 'Pon my word, dear friends, how on earth did that happen. Why, 'tas fair crept up upon us, my dears. One really needs to gather one's wits and plan for there is much to do. We will pass a quiet festive season for my male guardian will no doubt spend time in professional toil. 

Today saw a cooler day and, much to our surprise, a little sleet and snow. Thankfully, it did not settle, for our Island it not perhaps at its best for travel when snow abounds. My lady guardian was most thankful, for my male guardian travels many miles in relation to his professional toil. Much to my delight the log burner has once again been lit and our little home is gloriously warm. I find myself supervising this communication snuggled upon my male guardians knee, basking in the love and warmth, such bliss.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Routines restored, excitement over for now

Well, my dears, for all concerned life had once more settled down in to our normal routines wherever we reside across the globe. The excitement has abated but some glorious memories are imprinted upon us to look back on with fond remembrance and smiles. The Antipodeans are once more ensconced upon their estate in Australia with my cousins. Oh the joy of one's own bed in familiar surroundings; there is nought like it. Clearly the old maxims are the best and can be applied to any nationality; an Englishman's home is his castle", likewise for all of you wherever you reside, dear friends.

My lady guardian was also required to undertake some professional travel upon a locomotive across our glorious country. Many tedious hours but worth the professional investment and contacts which will no doubt in turn benefit her employ. Whilst passionate about her career, my lady guardian is a country girl at heart and does not enjoy large city's but endures them. My male guardian and I were most delighted in her safe return, as was she. This very evening sees us enjoying the simple pleasures of a country home and very thankful we are for them. The day has been spent upon the estate tidying and planting bulbs, simple country pursuits but so enjoyed.

We do so hope your own day has afforded you such pleasures, with time set aside to remember the fallen at the eleventh hour. Lest we forget, dear souls, lest we forget; for we have much to be thankful for.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Twin lives

Well, my dears, there was always going to be tears. Parting, in the words of the Bard, is such sweet sorrow and indeed 'twas. For early this very evening my darling lady guardian said goodbye to her dearest twin sister and husband, homeward bound. Two halves, separated by lives and half the world, no less precious nor loved for the differences. Tis a subdued lady guardian whose lap I sit upon in an attempt to give comfort. One who loves England, t'other Australia; olive skinned brunette, fair skinned red head; hot and cold. Opposites joined by birth wherever life takes them, in hearts and minds forever. Uncertain of the next meeting in person, but firm plans for electronic messaging and meeting. Twin sister's husband has said he will bring her back, great comfort at such times, thank you darling man for calm is found in these uttered words. Safe journey home to my dear cousins, waiting patiently for your return. Our love goes with you and my guardians have fond memories of walking, climbing trees, Shakespeare, art, architecture, fun and laughter. May your memories of our holiday together be as joyous as our own. Love speed you,  comfort and care for you.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Joy and expectation...

Oh joyous day, the log burner has been lit for the first time this very afternoon. My joy, dear reader is beyond description; tis a time of year to stretch ones toes t'ward the warmth and revel in the glorious glow that emates from the steel monster. Oh how I love thee oh black, golden eyed monster. My dutiful guardians will feed it at various points throughout the evening and a warmth will spread throughout our small, country home; bliss, shere bliss. My guardians are preparing for a brief last visit from the Antipodeans, a few hours at best, to collect their luggage before they set off, homeward bound to the warmer climes of their Australian home. A cake is, as we write, baking in the oven from which a most homely fragrance can be determined above the aroma of the log burner. A log fire, cake, a lap and warmth; oh joyous day.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Oh wondrous night....

Oh my, what a glorious night sky this very evening. The weather has turned cooler, it is crisp with a beautiful star laden sky and quite the most beautiful crescent moon, barely a sliver but so distinct. It quite takes one's breath away. My lady guardian and I have spent some time admiring and identifying the constellations until the desire for a warming cup of fine English tea became urgent.
We are fortunate to have neighbours who, on the whole, enjoy the night sky and do not drench the surrounding countryside in light. It really is the ticket, my dears. If you are so fortunate to have the same clement conditions to take a moment to look heavenward, you really will be rewarded.

My lady guardians twin sister should now be enjoying the delights of Paris or "gay Paree"; we do so hope that they have the same glorious night sky to enjoy in such a romantic setting.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Italian earthquake

To our Italian friends, we are thinking of you in the wake of the recent earthquakes. We cannot imagine your fear nor distress but extend our sympathy to you.

My lady guardian's relatives are in Italy and we do trust that they, and there friends, are safe as we wish for you all. 

Farsi corraggio, i nostri pensieri sono con voi.