Sunday, 30 April 2017

Hello, dear friends.....

Hello dear souls. We are sorry that we have not been in touch for a while but sometimes it is good to be introverted and restore one's equilibrium, and we have been doing just that. It has given us time to contemplate and consider and make plans.  The male guardian and I have continued our professional toil but also taken time to consider our options. Thus, there are many changes afoot, some large, some small but adjustments and tweaks to one's personal and professional lives to make the future brighter, more considered, with new vigour and verve for life. We have spent time in the garden, particularly since the British Summer time began and how delightful to see the fruits of one's own labour, most delightful. The hundreds of daffodils and narcissi planted were quite a most spectacular show and oh my, the heady narcissi scent, a joy to the olfactory sense. The apple blossom is in abundance and creates a confetti layer upon the lawns. The yew hedge planted a year or so ago shows determined sign of growth much to our delight. Our home continues to steadily progress and provides a welcome sanctuary, as always. Our professional toils have also brought joy with promotion and recognition for commitment, how utterly delightful. 

In our time at home we have once again revelled in time spent together amidst our busy lives. We are both once more hale, hearty and happy pursuing projects together and separately that give us both joy.    
I continue the fine yarn art and am several pairs of socks down, plus currently being mid project for the Antipodeans. Our other interests continue apace and give great joy with some successes. 

The Antipodeans continue to delight with news from afar, and oh the news they do share, most exciting and uplifting; we are so delighted for them. News from other sources, both at home and abroad continue to delight and we revel in everyone's news. All so exciting my dears, so very exciting.