Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas one and all...

My dear readers, may we wish you a very Merry Christmas. We are posting early in time for the arrival of Christmas day eight hours ahead of ourselves in the Australias where my guardians relatives will be seeing in in the festivities. How joyous it is to know that ones Christmas missives will appear on time to greet the rising of the sun in these foreign climes.

Our female guardian, my brother and I are enjoying a peaceful evening; the log fire is lit, the decorations adorning our comfortable home. We will listen to the choir later this evening, reflecting on the year gone by and enjoying a moment of peace in these ever changing times.

My male guardian is undertaking his duties this Christmas Eve and will see in the festivities thus before handing over to his colleagues and making his way home to our little estate. A light refreshement will be partaken before he retires for some well earned rest, his duty done. Once he is refreshed we will quietly enjoy the remains of the festive day, giving and receiving small tokens of the season. Boxing day will see the delightful Christmas meal partaken; my guardians always ensure my brother and I are well catered for at such feasts and festivities with a little delicacy or two. Such care and thought for the small things in life are a delight to behold.

We do hope that you have an equally peaceful and enjoyable festive period.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas decorations

Why such excitement, dear friends; my guardians have begun the Christmas decorations. Such fine, pretty trimmings they are too. My female guardian has undertaken some exquisite fine paper cutting to portray snowflakes; these are placed in the windows and, as dusk slowly gathers and the house is lit from within, the snowflakes can be seen highlighted. Truly delightful. 

Outside within the garden, the large yew coned shrub has been decorated with simple pom poms fashioned from brightly coloured wools. So simple, yet so effective. 
Over the coming days greenery such as holly, ivy and bay will be collected to decorate the main rooms and a fine wreath fashioned to adorn the front door.  So natural yet so effective.

The fire warms the house, while beautiful christmas music can be heard as my guardians go about their preparations; my female guardian's voice will be heard joining in such joyous sounds as she goes about her preparations such is the enjoyment of such Christmas rituals. The home is redolent with the smells of Christmas; warm and spicy, mixed with the fragrance of pine and bay - deeply reminiscent of Christmas's past and the simple pleasure in the family traditions.The morrow brings the first of the Christmas gatherings and, oh, such a frission of excitment this brings me; alas, my dear brother abhors too many visitors and will, once again, find himself a quiet and warm spot in which to ensconce himself until such time as he deems it safe to reappear.

We do so hope that you enjoy the rituals of the season as we do.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Log fires and Christmas preparations

Well, dear friends, the Christmas season is fast approaching and preparations are afoot across the land for this most festive of seasons. As in most families it is the female of the species who leads the way. Here on our small estate, our female guardian has secreted away little gifts throughout the year that she has deemed suitable for various members of the family. Nothing ostentatious nor vulgar you understand, merely tokens of appreciation that are deemed suitable for an individual who may enjoy a small gift in keeping with this joyous occassion.

For those relatives abroad, little gifts have been despatched, well wrapped and protected for the long journey, chosen with great care and love for the recipient in mind. Each gift intended to be enjoyed with full Christmas cheer.

Christmas food is such a joy to behold, however, my guardians are not ones to overindulge, mindful of the largesse one could very easily partake of during the festive season. Therefore a few chosen delicacies will be selected with the intent of savouring good food in proportion. The delightful fruits and vegetables will be enjoyed, along with a beautiful moist ginger cake baked by my guardians relative and, oh, what a dish to enjoy with a cup of something warming; quite a delicacy it has to be said and much awaited throughout the year.

In the coming weeks, fresh holly and ivy will be collected and used to decorate our little abode with a modicum of seasonal style; treasured decorations prepared and hung.

My sister and I will no doubt take time to approve the necessary arrangements. We ourselves do not partake of the human exchange of gifts believing in time spent quietly together as a family, counting our blessings for our own good fortune, indeed there are many less fortunate than ourselves. My sister will continue her charitable works in the run up to the season to ensure all is well for Christmas; no stone will be left unturned to ensure warmth and comfort on Christmas day.

Alas, I must leave you to undertake some preparations of my own. I bid you good evening for the time being.