Sunday, 28 February 2016

A final goodbye....

Well my dears, my lady guardian is nearing completion of her Mother's affairs. The final duty, to inter her with her beloved husband, is nigh upon us. To bring six siblings together from across the world was never going to be an easy task, however, the date has been set. Technology is such that those unable to physically attend will be present despite the miles that part us. All other commitments put aside to pay ones final respects, a day of sadness but joy also, from this life to the next, whatever that might be.

The last few weeks, indeed months, have been a time of reflection; of photographs, shared memories, guilt, joy and laughter, all of the normal emotions, amidst the great sadness. To bring up six children in times of hardship, a feat to be admired. As each generation passes, the lives of the former compared to the present appear austere, perhaps harsh, but is as it was. Six mouths to feed, expectations to endure; six personalities to  nurture and encourage to flourish. Each child now an adult in lives that have been proudly discussed by parents and upheld with joy, each achievement, however big or small, celebrated, no one individual rising above the other despite the normal sibling rivalry but joy at the collective achievements. A parent to so many, a difficult task that cannot and should not be underestimated, at the same time as working and keeping a warm, loving home that is remembered to be strict but fair and laughter in abundance. Yes, there were hardships, upsets, childish disagreements and clashing personalities but in the words of Tom Collins, "such is life". My lady guardian holds nought but admiration and great love for her late mother and father. Therefore a celebration of a good life shall be the order of the day, in honour of an amazing lady, sibling rivalry forgotten and adult respect and love at the forefront of our minds. John Bradford wrote wisely with the words "there by the grace of God (go I)" for we all go this way but once. Remember how you want to be remembered a maxim of great sensibility.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Birthday celebrations and Autumn plans

Well my dears, such excitement. My darling lady guardian and her delightful twin sister celebrated their birthday yesterday on different sides of the world separated by land and time but as one. The repeated enjoyment of wishing her twin a happy birthday hours ahead of herself, with the meaning of being twenty minutes older stretching out to eight hours and twenty minutes older, will never cease to stop amusing my lady guardian. Older in years but wiser, maybe a little sad but delighted at the celebration of life lived and yet to be enjoyed. Such vast possibilities for all concerned. It is with this in mind that plans have begun for the next antipodean visit due in the autumn of this very year. With great delight my guardian's have booked tickets to see a Shakespearean play at the Globe Theatre in London when they join her twin on arrival in England. A few days spent enjoying the delights of our capital city before returning to our small rural estate. I, myself, will spend time quietly at home awaiting their return, abley looked after by my lady guardian's older sister, whose estate lies close to our own. Discussions are already under way regarding the best establishment to partake of afternoon tea, and the opportunity to view some of this country's treasured art should not be missed. 

For now, however, my guardian's enjoy a few days brief respite from professional toil. As always, simple pleasures are partaken; a good book, gentle music, fine food and, more importantly, time spent, the three of us,  enjoying each other's company. What more could one ask for.