Saturday, 28 February 2015

Busy bees...

Oh my, what busy bees the dear guardians have been this very week;  hither and thither, why I am quite, quite exhausted by all the activity. Why my dears, my male guardians carriage returned to the carriage makers for a thorough review and some general repairs dealt with, and the small city whence this was undertaken visited by my guardians for some new footwear for my lady guardian. Once their business was concluded, and a light repast enjoyed, they returned home to the estate. 

As is necessary for all of us at times in our lives, a number of health checks were undertaken to ensure our guardians remain in robust health, thankfully reassuring.  The front boundary hedging required a good cut and thus saw my guardians occupied mid week, confirmation of their very good and robust constitutions with a day spent in heavy labour. A large and very satisfying bonfire was enjoyed by both my lady guardian, and her sister, with the debris from both estates; such was the intensity of the fire that my dear guardian did come away a little singed around the edges - do not fear dear friends, no injuries were had, merely the smell of  singed hair that alerted both ladies to the proximity of my guardian to the leaping flames! Nevertheless, a most satisfying time it was and all of the garden debris from both Estates dealt with in one fell swoop. 

A day of rest was also had with the added excitement of a visit to a local establishment to see a "motion picture" one afternoon, such is the joy of technology and the decadence in an afternoon spent thus.  A most delightful afternoon was had enjoying the simple pleasure of losing oneself in fiction and a little tasty morsel or two partaken. Most blissful.
My darling guardians have also enjoyed the pleasure of rising at a later hour, breakfasting in a leisurely fashion, the warmth of a late fire and the joy of a good book (or two!). Sadly, as with most things in life, this leisurely pace comes to an end and the normal routine will return after the morrow. At half past the five O' clock hour every morn, my guardians will rise to go about their usual work and routines along with many other such hardworking souls; the back bone of our society.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Dear friends, what a day. The weather has been most inclement, why, it continues as I write this missive. Sadly, this has meant that my lady guardian has spent a large part of the day inside, quite abhorrent for a staunch country dweller such as she is. The rain has brought forth torrents of muddy water from the fields once more, despite a most becoming white frost this morning. Alas, this beauteous state did not linger and was replaced with clouds pouring forth cold, driving rain; such is the Great British weather during these winter months, nothing if not changeable. 

This has meant, however, a fire lit early to warm our home through, nourishing food and warming drinks to maintain the spirits. 

The day began wrapped warm in bed against the cold air, a cup of tea apiece amidst the wrapping paper. A delightful leisurely breakfast, the broadsheets and good coffee. Onwards to supper, home made and all the more delicious for it. What more could one ask? My lady guardian was most happy with her day, delighting in the comfort of our home, spending time appreciating the patina of warmth and charm a home bestows upon its inhabitants, all for the price of a little tender loving care over the years.

A fond Bon anniversarie, my dear lady to you and your twin sister in the Australia's, may you enjoy many more.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Happy Birthday, dear guardian

Happy Birthday to our dear lady guardian for tomorrow. We must not forget, either, her twin sister in the Australias who will be a year older than her twin for a number of hours whilst the earth rotates. Such a gleeful joke to be had when one's family live across the world. We really are quite amused by this little fact. Tempus fugitive indeed, for I know my guardian, largely,  does not feel her age and is at her happiest undertaking some physical activity. "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there", the opening line of  L.P. Hartley's The Go- between and one so true. Looking back over my lady guardians life, despite her young years, can see changes in all walks of life. Why, the very technology we are using for this epistle was not even invented in the year she was born. My, my, how the world has changed, for better and worse in varying stages. The importance of a life well lived, however long or short, cannot be mistaken. Shakespeare, in his wisdom wrote "All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his act being seven ages". The importance, however, is to enjoy every day, indeed, as no doubt both my guardian and her twin sister will do so on the morrow; thousands of miles apart, bound by family ties and a shared birthday. The joy in knowing a small token of affection and birthday wishes have been sent with love, for each other's delectation, how simply divine, dear friends.

So, to our dear lady guardian's twin sister, we wish you a fond Happy Birthday, dear lady, knowing that you will waken in a few short hours to celebrate ahead of our own beloved guardian. One year older for eight whole hours. I do declare, the hilarity that this simple statement doth cause is quite breathtaking.

Nota bene; we apologise for the lack of imagery but I believe the statement "technical difficulties" is one to be used at such times. We do so hope to resume our normal missives with imagery as soon as possible.