Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Time to stand and stare....

We have, my dears, spent the last few days in the company of others, something the male guardian and I are not oft to do. Some were new to us, and others well known to us, but it has been a most entertaining time. We are always quite amazed at the behaviours that are portrayed in life's rich microcosm, some good, some not so good and some positively quite amazing. Despite spending our professional lives amongst "the general public", it never ceases to amaze us at the twists and turns that are elicited from half an hour of observation of the general populace. Why, my dears, it really has been spectacularly spectacular. We are now once again in the homely bosom of what we consider to be normal country living upon the small estate. We have observed the natural flora and fauna as we walk the boundaries and taken walks amidst the countryside as well as close to water, and how very entertaining and enjoyable it has proved, greeting our fellow man with a friendly acknowledgment or smile. We have taken time to "sniff the roses" as it were and enjoy some time together, eat good food, take the country air and importantly, enjoy the company of one's loved ones -something that is all too easily forgotten in the maelstrom of life. Time, is indeed, passing by and yet it is all too easy to forget the importance of life itself, rushing headforth through it without a consideration for the minutiae that makes it rich and fulsome. In the words of Scott Taylor " One day at a time - this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering". We are, dear souls,  endeavouring to live by these beautiful words, enjoying each day as it arises and embracing it wholeheartedly. We are, by nature, homely people and take enjoyment in simple pleasures; the fresh smell of the countryside after rain, the warmth of the sun our skin, a fine cup of English tea or good coffee, a tasty morsel or two to titillate the tastebuds, a good book or the excitement of new, as yet, uncharted waters. What is not to like, dear souls. We are endeavouring to live life to its fullest within our time and, oh my, how we do enjoy ourselves for laughter is indeed the best medicine and there is much of this as we steadily tread our chosen path. We do so hope that you join us in our endeavours to enjoy a long and simply fulsome life of joy and laughter. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Prolific produce

Dear souls, it is apple season and we find ourselves awash with a glorious variety of apples. Red stripes, pink blushes, pale green, darker green, some large, some small and somewhere in between. Oh, what a bountiful harvest we have, my dears. If an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, I can only hope we are reaping just rewards with our prolific consumption of such sweet, juicy fruit. Who does not love home grown produce, fresh from the garden, so deeply delicious, my dears. The added bonus from this bountiful harvest is the birds, bees and butterflies, as well as some stunningly beautiful dragonflies that visit the garden. We are so very fortunate, dear reader, to witness this spectacle. Nature at its best. 

The practice garment for my friend and colleague has been knitted, sewn together and tried on. Oh, the joy of a garment that fits well and the recipient is delighted with. Dear souls, one can breathe again. Now, the garment can be tweaked for personal preference; colour, texture and finishing details, all those delightful elements that make a garment. I am, dear souls, in debt to my friend and colleague, for in the time I have taken to knit one garment she has produced several garments for our little band of crafters. I am quite determined to pay my dues with my softly spun woollen currency. The response of my friend and colleague to an item that is bespoke and fits her well is music to my ears, as well as her enthusiasm for a reciprocal item being a joy to behold. 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Ethereal autumn beginings

Hm, I do believe, my dears, that the temperature early this very morn was just 5 degrees. There was indeed a more chill air abound and the most beautiful, ethereal low lying mist. As the sun rose above the horizon the colours of the countryside were noted to be changing; whilst still largely green and verdant there is a slow creep of golden hues upon the horizon. Oh, how I do love the colours of autumn and the freshness to the air that invigorates one. Why by 9 am I had been out in the carriage, completed my business, returned and had a fine line of washing upon the line. The day has continued apace with the laundry freshly ironed and packed away, the house full of fresh crisp air and every nook and cranny dust free and ship shape.

The upstairs bathroom has been looking a little tired of late and thus, with the chores complete and my business for the day concluded, I have proceeded to put a fresh lick of paint upon the walls. I am really rather pleased with the new colour and shall delight in the finished decor in due course for it compliments the tiles more readily than the previous colour; quite delightful , my dears, quite delightful. 

After our little foray into the world of art and the artist last week we have had to, ahem, rearrange our existing small collection to accommodate a few small works. I know, dear friends, but one really does have to support the local artistic community and, it has to be said, what is not to like for a few well executed and chosen pieces of art really do become a home. Home, after all, really is where the heart is, do you not agree, my dears?

Saturday, 9 September 2017

10 Parishes Festival

Well, my dears, it is the beginning, this very day, of a most glorious event called the "10 Parishes Festival", with the Somerset Arts Week following hot on its heels later in the month.  Now, as I am sure you are aware, the male guardian and I do so appreciate those talented individuals who paint, pot, sew, sculpt or the like for a living. Indeed, I do so envy their talent but am realistic to the limits of mine own. These two events showcase some truly talented artist, some established, some just beginning but so worth a little peruse. Thus, we oft find ourselves during this time taking the carriage, or if close to our own locality, walking out with the intent of spending a little time appreciating the fine talents of these artistic people who open their homes, barns, galleries or indeed, garages to the general public to showcase their talents. I do so love a little viewing; what is not to like, my dears, on a Saturday or Sunday, taking time out of one's busy life to appreciate the fruits of another's labour. It does so remind me of the poem, "What is this life, so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare" (WH Davies); what better way to embody these words than in appreciating a painterly representation of nature or the like. Delightful, quite delightful. I do so hope you have the opportunity to take the time to "stand and stare" as I fully intend to do so over the months of September and October, both very rich in artistic talent in these neck of the woods.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Glorious art

This very eve the male guardian and I have enjoyed a glorious time spent at a private view of a local artist who resides minutes from our small estate. We are most fortunate to be well served in the locality with some very talented individuals indeed and therefore 'tis always a joy to spend time appreciating fine works. The scenes are a variety of views both local and national and oh, how glorious they were. Dear me, the heart was torn for I do find it most difficult to resist fine art. I am most keen to support local artists but find the number and variety really quite overwhelming. Sadly, one also has to consider the small matter of space, for I have gathered a small but personally aesthetic selection of local art. Such conundrums, dear friends.

Once again, colour, texture and the various mediums excite me.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Oh my, what fun

Dear souls, I have had such a wonderful day of crafting. My two friends and colleagues have spent the day with me happily making things together, one teacher, two students, and oh, what a day it has been. My gifted seamstress friend bought along a dress she had made for me in quite the most delectable of fabric and colour - why, my dears, I was quite overcome with joy, not least because of the exemplary craftsmanship that had gone into the making of said garment, it really is quite exquisite. As my other friend and I completed our simple dresses, my seamstress friend proceeded to not only tutor us but produce a most becoming linen t-shirt dress in quite the most delectable checked fabric; her talents have no end, my dears. The dresses we have produced ourselves have been crafted with many new skills learnt along the way, from the correct way to press a garment in the making to overstitching a seam for a professional finish. Oh, what fun with beautiful savoury scones and fresh coffee to refresh ourselves. What a glorious day, why I really have enjoyed myself, my dears.

The cropped cardigan is coming on apace, with the back completed and the left front commenced. Indeed, the garment was sufficiently advanced to show my seamstress friend who also admired it and is currently choosing a colour for herself. Quid pro quo at its best, one crafted garment for another. I really am so delighted that I am in some way able to return the favour.