Sunday, 25 September 2016

Antipodean visit

Well my dears, the Antipodeans are once again shortly bound for our shores. As you may remember, this visit has long been planned. Now the Antipodeans plans have waxed, waned and changed like Topsy, for they are now to do the "Tour". One might ask oneself what does one mean; In times past, one "did" the tour of Europe and educated oneself in the wonders of the world. They are taking the opportunity to not only meet friends from Australia also bound on travels, but also catching up with family. Dates have been chosen, plans scrutinised, adjusted and indeed quite a seven to eight week plan has transpired. Much of the "Tour" was ignited by that most beguiling of tombs "My Family and other animals" by the delightfully talented naturalists, Gerald Durrell. Those books written about his formative years really are quite the most delightful read and a must for anyone with an appreciation of fine literature. Therefore, after much consideration, my dear guardians will host the Antipodeans at some point amidst the tour. Over the coming month, rooms will be prepared in anticipation along with the purchase of fine provisions to share around the table. The larder has rich provinder with plum jam from the estate, sloe gin from local sloe's, apples and more.

This weekend saw my guardians host family and friends for a visit. A delightful few hours spent chattering and catching up over a fine cup of English tea. The youngest members of the family greatly enjoyed our small estate, with plenty of space to let off pent up energy. Much laughter, ribbing    and fun was had by all with firm plans to take a walk amongst our fine English countryside once a date has been agreed that is suitable for all.

Peace reigns currently; my guardians and I are spending a quiet evening and will attempt to snatch as many of these over the coming month before a most busy period begins. Happy days, dear friends, with the joyous anticipation quietly building in the background.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Apples, apples everywhere

Dear souls, the apple season is quite full upon us and, oh my, tis a bountiful season. Why my dear guardians eat numerous apples a day but not a dent does it make in the apple mountain. Surely, dear friends, the doctor should not be calling to this little country estate. Workmen and friends arrive empty handed but n'ere leave thus for there is plenty to go round and my guardians are delighted to share. For myself, I am not over partial.

'Tis still undeniably warm, with quite balmy days, however the nights continue to draw in and darkness is upon is before eight o'clock. September really is a glorious month however and one to be enjoyed. We were most fortunate to have been visited by a most splendid Hare a few nights ago. It came so close to the house it was a hare's breadth from the terrace and sat nibbling on the luscious clover. Oh what a splendid sight to behold, quite bewitching. The slightest sound and he was gone in the blink of an eye but oh, the joyous lift to one's heart, that we had been graced with such a close encounter. In the words of one famous gentleman, "Such stuff as dreams are made of".

Saturday, 17 September 2016

A most interesting week .....

What an interesting week it has been, dear reader. It has long been noted, by those in the know, that the water supply to our little community has sprung a leak. Nought has been done for many a month, which, my dears, seems somewhat wasteful. The last week however has seen some activity across the boundary hedge, and it has been, one must comment, quite amusing at times. Still, one does hope that all is soon rectified and the leak plugged, for  'tis so distressing to know that water is being wasted and a sobering thought when one thinks of cost. Let us hope they find it soon.

This very evening has seen a beautiful full moon that really was quite stunning, with a clear sky to enable one to observe it. My lady guardian took the opportunity to observe it through her telescopic glasses and oh what a becoming sight; why one felt one could put out ones hand and touch it. So, so beautiful. We are most fortunate to live in the countryside where there is little light pollution and ones neighbours are largely circumspect with the use of lighting. Long may this continue for the night sky is a wondrous thing to behold on a clear night; there is such beauty in the constellations.

Alas, 'tis late my dears and I really must  ensure my eight hours beauty sleep, for, as my late brother used to say, sleep really is underrated but quite, quite the most delicious thing. 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Assessing one's boundaries....

Such a joy, my dears, for my guardian's to sleep until they wake naturally. So often their professional toil finds them away from our small estate. Today, despite my male guardian taking his small new carriage off to toil later in the day, the dawn saw us all sleeping the sleep of babes. Such joy and so good for the soul. Alas it did not last, however my lady guardian did take the opportunity to tackle the boundary and yew hedge. Our delightful neighbour had begun the Autumn clearing this very week and kindly cut his side of the  boundary hedge. Thus encouraged, a large part of the day was spent cutting both hedges, not completing the task til quite past my supper time. My dears, they look quite divine; straight and true for all to see. One does so love a beautiful boundary hedge. My lady guardian is most proud of the yew hedging that borders the sanctuary garden for many an admiring comment it does receive; why the postal man is quite smitten with its lines, a glorious batter shape of a true hedge.  No doubt the new hedge will be tended with equal care and attention.  The rain we have recently gladly received has revived and refreshed the garden and, if I say so myself, ' tis looking quite splendid.

My lady guardian and I now spend the evening in repose following such an undertaking. A fine cup of English tea, a knitted garment on the needles and a little light classical music. Candles are flickering for we are fond of the gentle light and atmosphere they impart. The evenings are drawing in and the sky has quite darkened as the clock chimes eight o'clock. Tis still warm and our little home retains the warmth of the day. A restful, contemplative time before we retire for the evening; just the ticket, dear chaps, just the ticket.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The month of September

"No Spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face" (Donne) for, dear reader, there is a joy in natures last display before winter. September is a glorious month for it has the fading warmth of summer and the glorious colours of Autumn before October starts the slow  creep t'ward winter. It is a bounteous month with fruit and vegetables in our gardens plus the rich pickings of our countryside hedgerows. A busy time within the kitchen and garden alike. The larder replenished, the garden requiring tidying and thoughts turn to the year to come. Yesterday saw the first real rain for some time with heavy prolonged downpours that were absorbed by thirsty gardens and fields alike. The holly hedge at the front of our estate bears many clusters of berries waiting to turn the joyous red they are renowned for. Let us hope, dear reader, this does not predict too harsh a winter to come, for despite my lady guardian's love of a cooler climate, one must remember the chaos that ensues in England at the glimpse of snow.

Indoor plants have spent some refreshing time on the terrace and will return to the house before the weather cools. Gutters have been inspected, cleared and repaired, and woodwork scrutinised to ensure hardiness for the months ahead. I am enjoying, my dears, this glorious month knowing that the warmth will gradually fade from the days; how abruptly and exactly when will be hard to pinpoint but I rest easy in my bed knowing that my guardian's are well prepared. This very day has seen my lady guardian "black" the log burner and briefly light it to remove the smog this task inevitably incurs. Better now, when ones windows can be thrown wide and the ensuing smog be readily dispersed; this is a tedious task but one best undertaken early. The log burner thus stands prepared.

September is the month of my male guardian's birthday thus my lady guardian and I attempt to conspire on a little something to celebrate the occasion. 'Tis not an easy task for my male guardian is a man of discerning taste and we must choose carefully. I have no doubt that a large slice or two of some sweet confectionary will be partaken at the appropriate juncture to celebrate the occasion.