Friday, 23 May 2014

"How does your garden grow..."

Well, dear friends, here we are but a few days later and oh my, the difference one can see within the garden landscape. My previous missive enclosed a few small pictures of the beauty to behold as one strolls amongst the estate but, my dears, that was nought compared to the delights that the spring rain has bought forth; why the roses are in abundance, the hydrangea positively beautiful in its maidens blush of colour, the geranium aglow with colour. Indeed, one is reminded of the eighteenth century nursery rhyme with question" How does your garden grow" - well, dear souls, I have to admit, bountifully and beautifully. However, I do such wonders of nature little justice with the inadequacy of my script therefore I will merely add further pictures for your own delight.

How delightful to listen to the sound of the bee as it moves amongst the blooms; the excited buzzing when a new source of pollen is found and the drowsy droning that fills the air is redolent of a warm English day. How perfectly divine, do you not agree?

Whilst the moment presented itself amongst the spring weather, I permitted myself a brief respite in which to renew my vigour for further searching on your behalf ; my only wish is to bring the very best of blooms for your perusal. I do hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Busy as bees

Dear reader, your patience is most, most appreciated during this time of
preparation for "the visit" from the Australian contingent of the family. Why such a frenzy of activity is to be observed; indeed, best viewed from the highest perch for ones own safety. The windows have been thrown wide at the earliest opportunity, there are lines of washing blowing in the breeze, much discussion regarding bed linen, beds to be aired and such like. Why, rooms have been cleared, cleaned and decorated in preparation, furniture moved and positioning contemplated. It is quite, quite exhausting - I have fallen exhausted in to my bed each evening with the whirlwind this activity has created. However, it must be said, dear reader, that the estate is looking most becoming if I say so myself. The gardens are at their most plentiful at this glorious time of year; there are roses aplenty, ladies bonnets, hydrangea, iris and many more. The air is redolent with the most becoming of natures scents. Today, my gurdian received a most delightful posy of rocket from one of the gardeners, the most delicious and heady of smells that fills a room; absolutely charming and so beautifully "country" in a simple cream earthenware jug; quite, quite delicious.



The kitchen garden has been transformed with the recent warm weather and crops are growing aplenty. Such is the success thus far that some most serious discussions were had, heads scratched and much consideration undertaken, whereupon a plan was hatched to create two, yes, two further raised beds! Well, my dears, I did not envy the task ahead and I will tell for why.  The soil was heaped waist high topped with borage, nettles and weeds aplenty that needed to be parted through the middle to allow the building of the beds in the first instance, all the while weeding and sorting. Once this had been done, the rest of the soil also required digging, weeding and sorting. One can only admire the way in which the shoulders were squared, backs straightened and thus they set about that very task. The soil was parted just as if Moses himself decreed it, allowing raised beds to be built. There was not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky for the two days this work was  undertaken, frequent breaks to slake ones thirst were had and on the second day a joyous moment when golden scones of the savoury cheese variety were partaken - a welcome repast for the workers. There is but a relatively small amount of digging yet to be completed. My brother and I offered our services but, for reasons not quite clarified, we were shooed away to "rest awhile and save our strength", which of course, one adhered to with utmost stringency and alacrity.

Now that the electronic billet doux machine has been sited once more, I will endeavour to keep you abreast of the goings on.  I leave you sadly for I have sight of my female guardian with that look in her eye I have seen too oft these last weeks and fear I must secrete myself somewhere comfortable and safe before a further frenzy of activity ensues. Until tomorrow, dear friends...

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Oh my, my.....

Well, dear reader, firstly apologies for the lack of missives but oh my, my what a busy time we have had with the visitor from America. Lunch was enjoyed and much merriment was had by all concerned. Lunch was partaken by various members of our guardians family, much news exchanged and tales told. There were many years on which to report (to be exact, 43 years since our guardian had met our visitor last) and photographs to be taken. Once luncheon was completed, the visitor from across the water accompanied our guardian home and spent some hours conversing with our guardians. I, of course, felt duty bound to introduce myself, as all well bred felines should, and spent some time being duly admired, of course. For my dearest brother however, this was a most difficult occasion being naturally shy and retiring. Our visitor was most complimentary about our heritage and on a number of occasions commented upon this. Dear reader, I bore this adulation with great dignity. My brother however, once introduced did what all self respecting males have a tendency t'ward when faced with a gathering of largely chattering females, and withdrew to his private suite until the all clear was sounded. He only resurfaced once calm was restored and hunger drove him out. 
Such is my brothers fear of social gatherings that he only felt truly safe once the estate was secured for the night. Then and only then did he fall in to an exhausted sleep and slept the night fully through. I felt myself drawn to him in his hour of need and comforted him with my physical presence as he slept.
Dear reader, we thank you for your patience during this visitation.