Thursday, 23 April 2015

Early one morning.......

My brother and I have spent a most delightful time in the company of our female guardian. Sadly, our male guardian was detained overnight in good honest toil. On her return from her own duties, my lady guardian visited her relatives who live nearby. Once this was completed we were able to spend our time as we pleased. We therefore took the opportunity to review the orchard and sanctuary gardens, wandering hither and thither, a snip here, a tweak there. The new plants watered to ensure they bed in and a restorative cup of tea partaken on the garden seat to enjoy the evening spring sunshine. Clearly, our neighbour felt an opportunity for some essential guarden duties as, no sooner had we retired, than he commenced the mowing of his estate lawns. Such is the beauty of the longer evenings that I do declare he mowed until the clock struck nine o clock; granted it was quite dimpsy  by then but, one rejoices in the lateness of the hour to be able to contemplate such activity outside at that hour.  Quite quite delightful. 

Our lady guardian partook of an early light supper before embarking on a thorough polishing of the wooden furniture. I do so enjoy the most delightful aroma of the beeswax polish that lingers in the sun warmed home and the lamps glowing in the polished furniture as night ensues. So quintessentially English, do you not think? A delightful evening was then spent enjoying the merits of a good book to the strains of Bach. Quite delightful.

On rising at half past the hour of five this morning, we have tripped through the orchard to admire the emerging blossom in the quiet of the morn, with only the sweet sound of the birds to accompany us. Such a joyous and restorative way to start the day, always accompanied by a cup of the finest English breakfast tea to awaken ones senses. Bliss, dear friends, such bliss.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Glorious Easter Day

Well, my dears, what a glorious day it has been; we do so hope yours has been the same. My guardians, my sister and I awoke much refreshed after a splendid sleep; it is true that I, perhaps, require slightly less sleep than others and more regular refreshment but, nonetheless, was grateful for the opportunity of a little longer to rest. As the sun rose in the sky it was a beautiful spring morning, doors were opened and windows thrown wide. A line full of my guardians woollen, winter attire fluttered in the spring sunshine and a leisurely breakfast was enjoyed. The garden received much attention with lawns trimmed and raked, edges neatened and a general tidy up undertaken. Morning coffe was enjoyed outside, as was afternoon tea upon the terrace. Joyous birdsong and much fluttering accompanied the day's work, such a joy to behold. Most important of all, drapery in the home was not drawn against the night until well past eight o clock. Now that Michaelmas and Easter are behind us, we will rush full steam ahead t'ward summer. Next stop, cow parsley in the lanes and the early Sping Bank Holiday May Fair to enjoy.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Such consternation!!

Well, my dears, such consternation! Barely had I sent my missive to you all than a breakfast debate was had on the merits of Hot Cross Buns versus Easter Biscuits. Well, what can I say, merely to apologise for forgetting to mention the merits of a fine Easter Biscuits. My lady guardians twin sister will atone the longing for a Moores Easter Biscuit when they are unavailable in ones adopted country. These little morsels of spicy joy are stock piled for a visit to be enjoyed at leisure. My male guardian however swears by the merit of a buttery Hot Cross Bun.

Whether you are a biscuit or a bun person, do enjoy your Easter festivities.

Happy Easter, dear friends

My, my, how time does fly, why I have barely drawn breath and Easter is upon us. As I sit contemplating the day with my lady guardian, we can look out upon the estate which is blossoming forth with the damson and apple trees. Such a joyful sight to behold as we sip our morning tea and consider the day. We await the arrival of our male guardian, a little weary from a night of toil but no doubt with some tasty morsel for our delectation. My brother, as you are aware, partook of an early hot cross bun and I must say, I very much anticipate that we shall be enjoying this most delightful of Easter treats very shortly. The ritual celebration of Easter is a delight to behold and certainly has a most enjoyable feast of titbits to tempt one, does it not? 

Whilst my male guardian enjoys a well earned rest, my lady guardian will spend time in her own toil in the kitchen garden with her relatives. You may remember this joint venture embarked upon last year to the benefit of both estates. This weekend heralds the start of work in earnest to bring it all together once more. What a delight to spend one's time producing one's own food, and enjoying the fruits of one's own labour. Why my guardians still partake of onions, potatoes, leeks and purple sprouting from last years endeavours. Quite marvellous.

If the weather is clement then the task of renewing some of the hedging on our own estate will also be commenced. In the words of Hesiod "toil is no source of shame" and a weekend spent thus will invigor and delight, preparing for the fruits of one's own labour as the summer arrives. 

A weekend of blissful toil for one's own delight brings to mind the words of Ruskin "There is no wealth but life" with perhaps with the addendum from Einstein when he said "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Happy Easter, dear friends, Happy Easter.