Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter, dear friends

Despite the attempts of hurricane Katie that swept through with fevour during our resting hours, we reflect upon the joyous Easter weekend, for it is an occasion that brings joy and hope. The clocks have "sprung" forward an hour and, whilst this affords us an hour less to rest from toil, it has thankfully coincided with the Easter festivities with the added bonus of both of my guardian's being at home, a rare occasion indeed. On the brighter days we have spent time outside, tidying and clearing the various sections of our small estate, as well as making plans for the garden year ahead. On less clement days we have spent time opening cupboards, clearing and cleaning; I do believe the modern term is de-cluttering, quite the essential requirement after the long months of autumn and winter. The downside, of course, is less time in repose and more casting a seasoned eye over the plans for the year ahead; most essential to keep ones hand firmly on the metaphorical rudder, I am sure you agree. Eagerness has a tendency to bound ahead, there are times when the maxim oft heard uttered by my male guardian is one that wins the day, "slow and steady wins the race".

We do so hope your Easter time has given you great joy as well as peaceful thoughts for the year ahead. Be daring, jump off the treadmill of life and allow time to just be. Revel in the simple things in life, for it is these that refresh the soul, my dears, I do heartily assure you. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016


It is an emotional time when undertaking someone's last wishes, for they are not able to do this for themselves. One is caring for the deceased's last requests once they have gone. It is an honour not to be taken lightly, nor faltered in, nor allowing oneself to depart from the brief by those left behind. It can be an onerous task but, also, a most rewarding task to ensure that all is as it should be. It is emotional for all concerned and can cause consternation and upset BUT, one should always remember that if you are undertaking the last wishes of those no longer here, you are fortunate to be alive, as are those around you. Do not sway from the path you have been set, it is not yours to deviate from; yours will come in turn but, let us hope for your sake that, it is a long time coming and life is to be lived.

We have lost two most loved members of our family in the last year. Their last wishes where possible adhered to; one completed, one nearing completion. It is the last respect we can pay our beloved deceased.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

What a beautiful moon....

I do believe, dear reader, that there is quite the most beautiful moon sending a glorious light shining upon us this evening. Why, it almost has a halo surrounding it that is most apparent in the inky deepest of blue skies. So very romantic and a perfect ending to such a fine spring day. Cool but building to a bearable temperature and, oh, that expanse of blue sky to gladden the heart. So simple and yet so heart lifting. As the sun sets and the moon rises, the cool clean Spring air is at its most apparent. Indeed, one can feel quite tipsy on the intoxicating freshness of it all. I have dutifully inspected the estate and, most importantly, the sanctuary garden. Alas, the orchard, and more alarmingly, the restful garden that borders the orchard to the rear of our small abode, appear to have been visited by the Talpidae family, more commonly known as the mole. The sight of those mounds of earth can be most exasperating for the keen gardener. That said, country dwellers such as ourselves, whilst briefly annoyed, tend to cope more readily such is the tendency of these, and many other species,  to make use of the various corners of the estate. 

The evenings remain cool therefore my guardians and I still enjoy the warmth of a well tended fire. Such a comfort after a day of toil and the flames so mesmerising in which to lose oneself. I do find the lure of a log fire difficult to resist and have found myself, ahem, snoozing upon the hearth on more than one occasion. My poor guardian does concern herself at how close to the fire I rest but, my dears, she daren't worry for I believe my male guardian and I are particularly fond of feeling a little warmth on our skin and bones. Sheer bliss after a day spent walking ones estate, do you not agree?

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Laughter, the best medicine

My lady guardian has spent the afternoon with one of her family, taking time to remember and enjoy their parents. It gave me great joy, dear readers, not only to hear my lady guardian's laughter but also the tales to be told of growing up with such delightfully fun loving parents. My heart did lift at hearing the joy in the words spoken so fondly and of shared remembrances that brought about such joyous laughter. As the afternoon grew cooler, the fire was lit and much tea partaken, for talking and sharing is thirsty work. I, for my part, lay upon the hearth, listening to memories of them and it did lift my heart. For sharing and talking is healing work and hearts are on the mend; let us hope that all the family members are able to partake in such moments throughout the coming months and years.

I have begun to spend more time in the sanctuary garden, making sure that all is well and the planting being undertaken is suitable for our small estate. One cannot let standards drop. Easter is nigh upon us and there is nought so delightful as a fine display of spring flowers; primroses, daffodils, why even the damson tree has sent forth a light sprinkling of blossom to show that Spring is truly here. All around lawns are being trimmed and winters  garden mantle is slowly being discard for the fresh, bright, acid green shoots of growth, just in time for The Easter weekend. Oh, the anticipation of hot cross buns and, the most delicious of biscuits, Moores Easter biscuits, by far the most superior quality of Easter  biscuit. My dear lady guardian is most partial to this delicacy, such is the balance of spices, crunchiness and all over deliciousness. My, my, how one's mouth does water in anticipation, dear friends!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Spring, it appears, has sprung

Oh, my dears, what glorious weather we are experiencing. Yes, a tad on the cooler side but, oh, the delights of a clear blue sky. How it does restore one's equilibrium to prepare for what lies ahead.

 My lady guardian did spend a large part of the weekend in the garden, tidying and sorting in preparation for the internment of her Mother's ashes alongside those of her Father, together again for eternity in her sanctuary garden, such was the wish of both parents. Such a request one that my lady guardian sees as a great honour and took most seriously, fulfilling as they should wish. Those members of the family that were able, were present, either personally or via the incredible advancement of technology. Thus, those across the water were able to join in the final farewell. Despite the chill wind, the sky was clear blue, the beautiful floral tributes such that would have delighted her Mother, her final resting place with her beloved husband. 
Final respects paid, the task of keeping memories alive begins, so eloquently voiced in this delightful poem. 

Don’t Cry for me

Don't cry for me now I have died, for I'm still here I'm by your side,
My body's gone but my soul's is here, please don't shed another tear,
I am still here I'm all around, only my body lies in the ground.
I am the snowflake that kisses your nose,
I am the frost, that nips your toes.
I am the sun ,bringing you light,
I am the star, shining so bright.
I am the rain, refreshing the earth,
I am the laughter, I am the mirth.
I am the bird, up in the sky,
I am the cloud, that's drifting by.
I am the thoughts, inside your head,
While I'm still there, I can't be dead.
Author unknown.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

In like a lion, out like a lamb

Certainly, these early days of March have roared forth with quite alarming winds; one can only hope that the old proverb prevails and it goes out like a lamb, meek and mild. At this very moment I am suitably ensconced upon a most delightfully warm lap in front of a glowing log burner, such a delight on these inclement evenings. All around our small estate, however, one can see the emerging signs of Spring sallying forth. Why, the dancing heads of golden yellow daffodils, the shy primroses peeping forth amongst the verges and the slow unfurling of tree buds make ones heart sing. The lighter evenings are beginning to stretch out a little more each day and the cloak of winter can be seen, and felt, to be slowly losing its wintery grip. Oh, how we do love the British seasons and rejoice in the changes to the scenery around us, delightful, quite delightful. 

My guardian's are already planning the refilling of the log shed for next winter and space is being made to accommodate a plentiful supply. They are, after all, hosting the Australian contingent of the family once more who will no doubt feel a little chilled by the cooling weather of the month of October. There is something so satisfying to complete this task early in the spring and be reassured that the wood is well seasoned for the coming winter. A primeval instinct perhaps, a little like ensuring one has a plentiful larder for the winter months, full of home grown produce and preserves to take one through to spring when the cycle is completed and begins again

For myself, I like to inspect the completed work but until the weather is a little warmer, will restrict my duties to the confines of our home, allowing my guardian's to complete their duties unfettered by my interest.  From our dual aspect I can watch the rites of Spring, hares and lambs in the fields, the sound of chattering birds, owls hooting, foxes screeching and rejoice in the simple cycle of life through the changing seasons. Such a joyful season, full of hope of things to come.