Sunday, 24 August 2014


Well, it has to be said, dear friends, one could not find more hardworking guardians than those we are fortunate to share residence with on this delightful small estate. You may indeed ask why and I will happily tell. These last seven days gone by have been our guardians "holiday" from their normal pattern of work. Have they idled for this time? No indeed they have not; why today they have spent the day ensuring our warmth during the autumn and winter filling the log shed to the brim in preparation. The wood has been laid down for a season or two to allow it to become suitably seasoned; then cut up and stored for when the temperature makes a marked downward dip. They have utilised all manner of equipment to assist them in their endeavours, physical and mechanised. Why, my sister and I could only watch in admiration; or  to be quite clear in the case of my dear sister, catch forty winks . Many an hour passed as the logs piled high; a break for a light repast and regular needs to slake their thirst and lo, reader, it has been done. It brings a warm glow to ones heart to see such endeavours for the greater benefit of us all. For my part, I am truly grateful; as one gets older one needs a little warmth in the colder months. Such are our creature comforts.
Well, what a fine sight to be had. The log shed is full to the very brim, a not inconsiderable undertaking and one I am delighted to espy. Deeply joyous are these days of preparation and remind me of the poem about firewood, apparently from the Hunter's Journal 1924; a poem that is both joyous and jolly fine advice - a must for any country dweller, dear friends.

Friday, 15 August 2014

"What is this life..."

Dear reader, it is at times such as these that I am reminded of the words of W.H. Davies "What is this life so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare......." for the year is speeding past and little time has been spent on the restorative merits of contemplation. Contemplating the joys of days gone by "such as dreams are made of ", in the words of Prospero, or more aptly, happy memories. Preparing and planning for those to come with a deep seated sense of the enjoyment they will bring, be it a simple walk along the windswept beach, a day spent quietly pottering in the garden, or as my sister and I occassionally partake, spending the day in quiet contemplation. As you may be aware, we spent a recent day thus and have renewed our vigour for the coming season as the last is begining to wane. It was with great joy that we were joined for a short spell this very day by our guardians to undertake a few hours in this way. A beautiful late summer day, surrounded by the quiet country sounds, drowsily contemplating. Oh the simple pleasure; in the words of the poet " a poor life this is if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare." I do so recommend the reading of the full poem; thought provoking in this life of automation and technology.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bountiful Garden

Well, dear reader, the kitchen garden has been most productive, if I say so myself. I have kept a close council with the Head Gardener, visiting the estate whenever my busy schedule will allow, and over the weeks watched the beds burgeon. The gardeners have been most diligent in their attentions, particularly through the hot weather, and oh my, my these ministrations have proved bountiful. Why last evening my female guardian did return with a basket filled to the very brim and more with  produce; lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, salad potatoes, cabbage, plums, baby carrots, tomatoes, french beans and so much more.

The potatoes have been lifted, as have the large harvest of red and white onions - now all set out to dry. The pumpkins, much prized during the November festivities, are coming along nicely, as are the squash, leeks, and so forth. I can only marvel at the productivity for a garden in this its first year . It has to be said that the gardeners are a most jovial bunch, going about their work with a keeness that is most becoming. They think nothing of a hard day in the garden only sustained by a cup of the finest English tea and a little sweet morsel of something prepared in the estate kitchens to keep them going.

My brother and I have, for our part, spent some time reviewing the estate as a whole, thinking ahead to the next season and preparing. Still in the garden, we have prepared the gardeners for the next task which will be the hedges along our boundaries with our neighbours. Some will merely need trimming but others will need renewing. Much discussion and costing is underway, as well as walking of the estate boundary, which in clement weather, can be most refreshing. However, much as it pains me to note, the evenings are becoming cooler and drawing in much earlier; My brother and I find comfort and warmth together at the end of the day after our work is complete.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Upon my word..........

Upon my word, it has to be said that my sister has quite out done herself these last few days; why she does quite exhaust me, such is her vivacity for life (although, dear friends, there are times when one could describe it less kindly, it has to be said!).

Firstly, she has been most tenacious in her bid to re-home the many daughters of our dear friends, Mr & Mrs Coney. Alas, we are at our wits end with these efforts. On the Sabbath, she did appear with the last of the Coneys kit's. Well, this young kit was most voiciferous in its protestations, screaming and sqeaking for all to hear. It was only the swift intervention of our guardians, with a most firm hand, it has to be said, that made it possible to return this young thing whence it came. Much to my sister's annoyance it was happy to be set free to return whence it came and ne'ary a backward glance did it make. One can imagine, I presume, the high dudgeon this ellicited from my sister - one takes ones life in ones hands to cross a female intent on a good deed, as I am sure many of my learned male readers will attest. Dear reader, I kept a low profile for a number of hours thereafter such was my desire to avoid the wrath of my dear sister.

This was not however the last of her escapades that very day, oh no. In a fit of pique, she stormed from the estate and sat upon the carriage way. Despite repeated warnings, she ignored my misgivings at the danger of such a place.
Well, upon the carriage way both a velocipede and a motorised carriage did arrive at the same time. My sister, who has never had the best of sense on a carriage way, dashed partly across to remove herself from danger but taking fright dithered mid point and returned whence she came. Well you can imagine the chaos that ensued and in her fright she ran straight in to the path of the velocipede. Oh dear reader, the calamity. Why the poor dear gentleman upon this stead lost his seat and tumbled forth to the ground, having attempted to steer away from my sister but only managing to run over her. My sister, in fright, ran from the scene and could not be found. Oh my, the woe and angst that ensued for all concerned. The poor gentleman was most concerned with my sisters well being, my guardians concerned for both parties and the melee had brought forth my guardians relatives from their estate to alert us to the situation. My guardians and I can only thank the gentleman on the velocipede for his gentle, kindly understanding of the situation.  Why, he would not even rest a while with my guardians once he was reassured for my sisters well being, before wishing us a kind adieu and continuing on his way. A most noble gentleman and, thankfully, unhurt despite his tumble.
My sister, for her part, was to be found upon the estate adjusting her attire and smoothing away any debris. She would not discuss the incident but, it has to be said, thankfully unhurt, spent the rest of the day close to home enjoying the summer weather, if not a little exhausted from her escapades that day. Dear reader, I, on the other hand, was quite exhausted by the "excitement" of the day and spent the rest of the day quietly in the orchard enjoying the peace this afforded.