Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hare today

Well, my dears, such delight to be seen admits the crops these last few days. I am so excited, why I can barely contain myself! Indeed you may ask yourself, what can it possibly be? Well, it was that most beautiful and mystic of creatures, the hare. Oh such a joy to behold; the power, the grace and such beauty, all to be found in this most athletic of creatures. Long associated in mythology with the moon, the sun and spring, I could not be more delighted than to see it dashing here and there amongst the pea shoots, one moment cavorting, the next delicately nibbling a sweet young shoot. The very sight of it filled me with joy, from the black tips of its long ears to the muscular hind legs bounding across the field at such speed! Oh joyous day. As the shout went up at the sighting, my female guardian attempted to capture the image for your own delight and perusal. A most difficult of tasks it has to be said, dear friends. My guardian therefore offers up these few pictures with her most profuse of apologies and fervent promises to "do better next time." For myself, I am delighted that any such image was captured at all, such was the speed at which it cavorted and the most excellent fur cape in which it manages to blend in to the background. A most useful of talents it has to be said.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Such a buzz....

Well, my dears, I do declare at such excitement to be had. Why, one does not anticipate drama in the kitchen garden however it was, in this very utilitarian part of the estate, where the full extent of the activity was to be seen this last week past. Much strenuous activity ensued with the intent of a final "push" to complete the last of the raised beds. My female guardian was cutting a definite swathe, once more, through the bed of soil when curiously she upturned a bundle of leaves. Thinking no more of this, she continued in her efforts only to be halted by the most curious of noises, an increasing crescendo of buzzing which appeared to be emitting from beneath her very feet. Without further ado, she requested the assistance of the male guardian- in-law who, in a most chivalrous manner, attended at her bidding. Bent close to the ground, they listened.....  Dear reader, a bumble bee nest had been unearthed much to the consternation of the inhabitants. The entrance had been unwittingly filled in during my guardians endeavours. The guardian-in-law acted without further consideration for his safety; a suitable home was sought and the nest swiftly transferred before the dear creatures could take breath. Why, it is a delight to report that no bee was harmed in the inadvertent re-homing exercise and, indeed, the delightful creatures do appear to have become somewhat fond of their new abode which takes the form of an old bird box. 

My brother, for his part, found all of the excitement rather tedious and more than he cared for thus spent the afternoon in his study proof reading. Whilst he enjoys a countryman's pursuits, he has little time for the chitter chatter and excitement that can accompany them hence his retirement to his inner sanctum. Perhaps more wise than we give credit for in the face of an irate  nest full of bumble bees!