Sunday, 30 August 2015

As I write this.......

As I write this missive, my brother is ensconsed upon the garden bench enjoying the fresh smells of a rain drenched garden. He continues to hold his own, enjoy his food and slowly potters about the sanctuary garden. Much care and attention is paid to his every requirement, even the addition of midnight snacks on demand.

Much to my consternation, my brothers requirement of regular meals and snacks has had a somewhat alarming result on my own physique. I perhaps carry the, ahem, odd pound more than I did. Alas, one simply must be the perfect hostess therefore I am required to join my brother at meal and snack times, to keep him company, you understand. Dear friends, this is of no consequence in the face of my brothers health and I will bear it stoically, as does he.

The sanctuary garden is looking particularly delightful,  for my guardians toiled long and hard yester morn and afternoon to bring the boundaries and hedgerows to their current crisp state in preparation for autumn. My lady guardian was particularly delighted with a most useful piece of machinery light enough for her to wield throughout the day without the requirement of my male guardians might for assistance that he had purchased for her. Thus they were employed in joint toil mowing and trimming the sanctuary garden in to its current fine state for the delectation of my brother as he enjoys the air. Long may he do so.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Time waits for no one....

Time is passing by and my beloved brother, whilst growing weaker, holds his own. His food is enjoyed, as is time quietly spent in the sanctuary garden upon the bench, feeling the breeze upon his face and listening to the quiet business of country sounds. Many a rest period is taken when he quietly takes himself of for a nap and most importantly says his good nights to my guardians with time spent at the foot of the bed, whilst he waits for their slumber, then quietly takes himself to the comfort of his bed. Much joy and comfort is taken everyday that we all have together and great care to ensure his every requirement. Long may he remain in comfort with us, those who love him, for he is our darling boy.

Monday, 3 August 2015

My dearest brother...

It has been an increasingly anxious time due to the health of my beloved brother. It is fair to say that he is holding his own, with the help of medication and regular trips to the v-e-t. In the meantime, our close knit family are making the most of every day and enjoying each other's company. Truth be told, we  none of us know how long we have on this earth and should take the time to enjoy life's rich bounty. 
For the time being, he remains happy in himself, with a good appetite but tires easily; rest is important, as is enjoying the warmth of the sun and little forays around the sanctuary garden, or as far as he can manage. My guardians are monitoring his health most diligently and a further trip to the v-e-t is booked for the end of the week. We hope and pray that we have him for as long as is possible for he is a most loved member of our family and we cannot imagine life without him, such is his personality and charm.