Sunday, 31 January 2016

At last...

Oh, my dears, at last we are beginning to see a return to normality in our humble abode. Whilst my male guardian has toiled at his profession, my lady guardian has spent the entire weekend painting the two rooms recently refurbished by our delightful builders. Why, the sitting room is now restored to its usual warmth and comfort, and the dining room will shortly follow. My only complaint must be the lack of a human lap on which to ensconce myself. I do declare however the success of the near completed works. There is a little work left to be undertaken that will complete the transformation. The most delightful moment has been the restoration of our  sitting room; why as I write, I am ensconced upon my lady guardian's lap, our male guardian is home amongst us,  the fire is blazing, whilst outside storm Henry rages. Bliss, sheer bliss. We do so hope that you, too,  are safe and warm with your loved ones.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

A week of toil

Well, my dears, despite this week apparently being for rest and recuperation away from their usual toil, my guardians have spent the week between managing the building work and decoration, as well as the sad task of sorting the estate of my lady guardian's late mother. Hither and thither they have gone between builders, solicitors, electricians and banks. Why my poor head does spin at the very thought of it. Nought of this however for my guardians, no shirking of responsibility; staunch work has been done and both are nearing completion. There is sadness, too, at the thought that the changes to our small estate will not be seen by my lady guardian's dearest mother, which is of great sadness for she was inordinately fond of our humble abode, such as it is. This very day saw the work of the electrician take place to ensure plentiful light in the dining and sitting rooms. 

There is still much to be decorated but it is all coming together to enhance the warm and comfortable home that we all desire. As I write, the home fire blazes to dry the floors my lady guardian did scrub with verve this very afternoon, in the hope that the worst of the upheaval is behind us. Despite the time of year, windows and doors stood wide to allow the dust storm created in a frenzy of sweeping to escape, followed by the thorough scrubbing of the floors, indeed, any surface that looked remotely dusty. Cleanliness and calm reign this evening and I fully intend to enjoy the warmth of the fire after such a day. Sadly my male guardian is once again at toil in his occupation. My lady guardian potters around me and will stop and various junctures throughout the evening for a light repast or restorative cup of the finest English tea.

 I do so hope that this coming year holds more of a pleasant horizon for our little family. We must go forth positively and live every day as if it were our last, for, dear reader, there is a tendency to work hard but not take time to sniff the roses. As my darling brother often said, "we go this way but once". Let this be a reminder to us all that there is joy in life, even when at times there feels like none. Belated as it comes, we do so wish you all a happy new year.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Upheaval and decisions

Well, my dears, what a week it has been. One has to say that, despite one's best efforts, plaster dust really does get everywhere; why a film did cover every possible surface. My male guardian however worked wonders one morning brushing and mopping the floors to ensure a warm, clean welcome return for my lady guardian after a day spent in toil. Such a generous gesture after such recent turmoil gladdened her heart. This very morning began the whitewashing of the new ceilings and chimney breast in preparation for the return of the electrical gentleman to finish the new lighting and the builder to place a new beam and corbels for a fine oak mantle. As the lady of the house my dear lady guardian has had many a decision to make; why which colours to use, where the lights should be placed, what size and colour beam for the mantle. My male guardian and the builder did solidly agree that these were decisions that only the lady of the house should make. A wise decision indeed as I am sure, my dear reader, one agrees. 

It has to be said, I am truly grateful that the building work has reached a stage where one can once again light the home fires against the winter weather and warm our little home. Typical, is it not, that the work should reach a crescendo when the coldest days of the year are upon us and to allow the plaster to dry slowly, lighting of the log burner was forbidden. Oh my, dear friends, I am past the flush of youth that bears this well and spent every possible moment one could ensconced upon a warm lap, upon or betwixt my guardians, whenever physically possible. It was of course, you understand, most necessary to keep them warm.

Alas, my guardians are making noises to continue  the work therefore I will bid you adieu for the moment. One must ensure the quality of the work at all times dear reader thus it is my duty to attend to my guardians.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Life goes on....

"It is never nice to lose someone close to you; unfortunately, life goes on and we have to make peace with it and move on." (Francois Hougaard). Wise words, for life does indeed go on. 

A year ago my guardians had agreed for the builders to commence some work on our small home, these first weeks of the new year, to further improve our home. Such a dilemma this did cause in light of recent events. After much deliberation of whether to continue or not, the decision was made to continue, thus we find ourselves once more in the capable and reliable hands of our small band of tradesmen. The ceilings in the two main reception rooms are undergoing a process of insulation and sound proofing, followed by refacing with plaster and the upgrading of the electrical systems. Why, my dears, the improvement is already apparent. Indeed, the chimney breast in our main reception room will also form part of the upgrade. The finest pair of carved corbels will support a new mantel shelf on which one of my lady guardian's beloved clocks will sit, plus the perfect spot for some fine portraits of those no longer with us; gone but never forgotten.

Whilst our home is currently in disarray, and I find myself seeking solace in the upper rooms, I have faith that our little family will soon be restored to the peace and calm so beloved of my late darling brother and my lady guardian's mother; both appreciative of a quiet country sanctuary in which to relax and enjoy the delights of the quintessential English country garden. Both soon to rest for eternity within the sanctuary garden of my guardians small estate.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Goodbye darling lady

A funeral service amidst the festive season is never an experience one should have to endure. A time when, all around one, families are joined together in celebration reinforces the loss, particularly when it is the Matriach of the family. Six individual siblings remembering a life well led, the trials, the tribulations, the experiences; joy amongst the considerable sadness.

A large family with children, six in number, grandchildren and great grandchildren, voices raised as one to herald the passing of life from one dimension to the next. Beautiful music, a fitting eulogy, a tribute to remind one to remember the beloved deceased; floral tributes befitting of the deceased's love of flowers and a flood of sadness and tears that befit the passing of such a treasured lady. Her final resting place with her husband, off to waltz in the heavenly kitchen, as many a moment was spent in their earthly home. 

Those having flown in from across various waters, are homeward bound, and those more local, all with heavy hearts that only time will heal.  "Death leaves a heartache difficult to heal; love leaves sweet memories no one can steal" (Headstone, Ireland, 1889).

And can it be that, in a world so full and busy, the loss of this creature makes a void so wide and deep but the width of eternity can fill it up! (Charles Dickens, 1812 - 1870).