Friday, 20 July 2018

Oh, dearie me.......

Dear souls, I am so very sad for we have come to the end of the male guardian's time off and he returns to his professional toil on the morrow. It has been an extraordinarily peaceful time off together, away from the stresses and strains of professional life, the constant encroachment of want over need, targets and agenda's that really have nothing to do with toil. It is a strange world we live in, my dears, and the longer one is in it, the firmer one believes in the gorgeously apt saying of the north, "there's nowt so queer as folk". People really are rather naively complex and a few days away from it all has been a panacea to all ills. To spend time in an all together different calm and peaceful environment is so very good for the soul; to breathe fresh country air, feel the sun on one's skin, to walk barefoot on grass, the dawn chorus, a body weary from an all together different toil, and, most importantly, enjoy the company of those we love. Absolute unadultered joy, held close to one's heart, such that memories are made of. 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Peace and quietude

'Tas been a busy week for the male guardian and I have been most fortunate to have a day or two away from our professional toil and oh, what a joy 'tas been. Tucked quietly away in our country home, only venturing forth as necessary, peaceful and calm. Slightly cooler weather than the previous few weeks, much to one's relief for we have continued to make headway with the planned works. We have enjoyed waking at a more leisurely time, and taking time to sniff the roses as it were. 
A morning cup of tea taken in one's bedchamber, curtains thrown back and windows wide, the dawn chorus in full swing, gazing across golden fields - such a joyous start to one's day. Mind and bodies free from the usual routines, such bliss. 

The planned works continue, my dears, but we are making good headway. We are most pleased with the chosen colours for they are of a palette that is most complimentary to this old home of ours. Being off together lent us the opportunity to review choices for the covering of the floors, and oh, my, my there are many. Thankfully, the male guardian and I are similar in out taste and practicality, narrowing choices fairly easily. All that remains is for the chosen establishments to come and "measure up", then submit their quotes. In the meantime, the last of the workmen required to finish the project have been booked. Once this remaining piece of work is complete, the flooring can be laid upon agreement of quotes and dates. Oh, happy days,  for the end is in sight and, if all goes to plan, well in advance of autumn and winter which will be most pleasing. 

Yesterday, we took some time to walk by the sea. We packed a small picnic and enjoyed this light repast as we sat a while, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the beach that we had chosen to stop awhile at. How I do enjoy the rhythmic sound of the sea, so mesmerisingly soothing. The journey home across the countryside afforded a delightful walk to stretch one's legs and an opportunity to stand and stare. Not another soul to be seen, just the breeze whispering through the leaves, the rustle of small creatures in the undergrowth and the muffled sound of our feet upon the floor of the tree lined way. Truly a blissful, blissful day. 

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Brush and needle

Today, dear souls, has been a most productive day for the male guardian has taken up the brush. The stairwell ceiling and walls now bear testament to his diligence and a most delightful sight they are too. Such a becoming shade, a continuance of the upper hallway, so right for an old building such as that in which we reside. A further coat on each is required, but nonetheless we are most pleased with the progress, most pleased.

I have also taken the opportunity to undertake a little sewing in an attempt to replicate the skills I have been taught by my dear seamstress friend. Thus, I have nigh completed a summer dress, lined with complimenting fabric and merely requiring the hem and the sleeves to be completed. I am most delighted with the garment, for my dear friend has taught me well.  Such a testament to her skills as both a seamstress and teacher, for one would ne'er have gotten thus far without such exceptional talents, for which I am most grateful indeed.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

The complex mind

It is, without a doubt, my dears, the most interesting part of life, to stand and stare.  The minutiae of life really is quite fascinating if one is remotely interested in humanity, and there is much, dear souls, to observe. One subscribes to the theory of Carl Rogers and unconditional positive regard in one's fields of contact, nurturing the characteristics in others that are believed to form the five aspects of a fully functioning individual. As with much in humanity, it is rarely a smooth path, which can test the positive regard of many an individual. The self concept of those being nurtured is influenced by life experience and the interpretation of those experiences which can be influenced by many things, which, in turn, lead to the states of congruence or incongruence. Over many years, I have been most fortunate to have been in a position to be able to observe humanity at its best, and its worst, forming a sound knowledge and experience of how communities of people interact. Acknowleding the potential for being an understatement worthy of jest is stratospheric, but simple facts are facts; humans are complex and the direction we aim to achieve is that which directs us toward the good life. 
Sadly, the many influencing stressors we meet along the way can detract from the direction of achievement. A safe haven in which to explore and learn is vital, however, needs but one incongruent defender to threaten it's existence, to create an altogether different environment. The ability to step back and see the bigger picture when aiming for the good life is a rare thing, but one that is a large part of self actualisation. How humans do suffer over the complexities of simple theories of nature or nurture, rarely understanding the basic concept of solid foundations in psychological growth; many unable, or unwilling, to scale the complexity of the human psyche, fully grasp those characteristics that create self actualisation for themselves, nor nurture it for others. It is an exhausting business, dear souls, dealing with the mind and body of those one comes into contact with, for they are many and varied. 

Thankfully, one can ride the peaks and troughs of life's rich tapestry and still see the good in humanity. One is all to grateful for the love of one's family and the solid foundations this has allowed one to create. Rest and recuperation are a most vital practice and one that, to maintain one's sanity, is religiously planned. The joy of attaining one's personal safe haven and utilising every moment to re-evaluate and rebalance cannot be stressed enough. 

"Life is simple, the complexities within it have to do with the motive of the human being/s" resounds in all but a few walks in life. Human beings, that complex cohesion of cells creating life, as we know it.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Weather conundrum for harvest

Hmm, a little conundrum; a colleague and I were discussing a comment she had heard about the weather we are currently experiencing; should one describe it as a "heatwave," or simply "summer"? Well, what a discussion point indeed for the English, such is our obsession with the weather. Hmm, indeed. 

The temperature has continued to rise, with 31 degrees yesterday and something akin to that this very day. The fields around us have continued to turn a ripe golden colour, and lo, this very day the harvest has begun. The air is now redolent with the warm, ripe aroma of ripened harvest, a sweet delicious scent reminiscent of one's childhood spent helping on the farm. Oh, how I do love harvest time. Let us hope the current weather holds 'til the harvest be safely gathered in. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Light refreshment....

Such bliss to walk in summer rain for 'tis, on the whole, warm, light and refreshing. One really did enjoy one's homeward bound journey today for, after such scorching temperatures of late, it was indeed a delight to march along whilst receiving a gentle warm shower of summer rain. We have been most fortunate, my dears, to have had a number of bursts of rain today and oh, how the garden has absorbed it. The temperature remains warm and the forecast consistently positive but a little respite for the garden is a must. Added to this was the drop in temperature last night as a preamble to the main event today. Oh, how blissful it was to finally be able to sleep, such delightful comfortable sleep. How we do so enjoy that gloriously satisfying deep sleep, leaving one refreshed and able to face the day with a spring once more in the step. High temperatures for prolonged periods really are quite exhausting, particularly in a country such as dear old Blighty, that really is not used to it. One can only hope that the overnight temperature remains conducive to another night's restful slumber.

It ''twas whilst out and about with my sewing bee friends recently that one espied oneself in a mirror in the fabric retail establishment we were visiting. It has to be said dear souls, I was fair astonished to see that one had acquired a healthy light tan, much to my amazement. Being a fair skinned redhead, one generally does not tan, merely acquires freckles with a decent coating of factor 50 sunscreen atop for good measure. But lo, before me, staring back in quite an astonished manner was my very own tanned face. The hilarity that ensued at the dawning realisation really was quite amusing. I have however been making my daily walk for well over a year now and feel so much happier and healthier for it. Not only has it benefitted one's pocket, but one's mental and physical health too, therefore what is not to like. Walking really is a most advantageous and enjoyable pastime. The weather has not deterred me bar one day in winter when the snow and ice abound; I stepped upon a very icy surface indeed, ending up flat on my back, teeth jarring together when I received a mighty head butt from the piece of ground I was walking upon. The stars and flashing lights went on for a few days accompanied by an almighty headache. That day I was most grateful for the transportation I received to my professional toil. 'Tas not, however, my dears, deterred me and I remain a fervent supporter of such a simple and enjoyable form of exercise. All the better to enjoy the glorious countryside we are most fortunate to reside in.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Fabric retail.......

One has been most fortunate to have another delightful day with my sewing bee friends. We spent some time in a little old market town a mere thirty minutes away in the carriage from our little estate. We had purposely made the journey to visit a most delightful fabric retail shop. Deary me, the choice, the colours, oh my, my, sheer bliss. All three left said shop with a little something or more to be delighted with. I have no doubt dear reader, we shall return, before err long, for there was much to delight the eye for the dress and home maker, so very much. After a number of hours browsing both dress and furnishing fabrics, we rested a while and enjoyed a most welcome cup of something, a very welcome refreshment indeed. The three of us are rather fond of independent retailers who offer something a little different and were not disappointed in this lovely little market town. We did venture forth once more and found ourselves in one such shop where we all three fell for a pair of shoes apiece (thankfully, all completely different styles). Sense however prevailed for two of us, despite the pair one coveted oneself being quite the most beautiful and comfortable shoes one had ever had the joy to try. One could not, however, justify in any way the cost, for one's eyes watered on espying the price tag. Such a sad, sad moment, my dears, for they were a feast for both the eyes and feet; never before had a pair of shoes fitted so well and felt so right but, a second glance at the price tag saw one wisely return them whence they sat. The beautiful leather and cashmere goods were to die for but one's conscience could not allow it. Practicality will out, and there is much left to do upon the estate.

On our return, after a short interval and light repast, we set to and completed the garment that been started a week or so ago at our last Sewing Bee meeting. The male guardian arrived as we were finalising the double stitched hems and sensibly took himself off in to the orchard to bask in the sunshine with a restorative cup of tea and a little something to nibble. He did not wish to reprise his previous experience of three twittering ladies in various stages of undress before him as he unexpectedly arrived home. Far too early in the day for such displays, my dears. 

These days are such a joy and others are already in the planning stages. New patterns are being sought for the fabrics purchased and much discussion and debating will ensue. Further little outings will also feature, for information purposes, you understand. One really should do one's research do you not agree.