Saturday, 10 March 2018


Well, dear souls, it has been a most interesting week with minus temperatures to start the week and double figures today. Still, 'tis all part of the joyous seasons we are privileged to experience in dear old Blighty and long may it reign. As I glance out upon the estate gardens, the delightful tête-à-tête daffodils have once more raised their glowing heads skyward and are bobbing in the wind as I write. After last week's heavy but brief snowfall I was afeared that we had lost them crushed as they were by the weight of their frozen burden, but no, much like the British themselves, they are sturdy, hardy creatures and have bounced back once more. Staunchly soldiering on whatever life throws at them. I am inordinately fond of these flowers for they lift the spirits so. Why, I do not know anyone that does not extract a smile when seeing them. As one writes, it never fails to amaze me how nature and the seasons mimic life for this could easily describe the trials and tribulations of life in general. How delightful and amusing a comparison.

I was most delighted to receive my first compliment for my dressmaking skills this morning whilst out undertaking the necessary restocking of one's provisions, for the larder, whilst not bare, required replenishing. It has to be said, dear reader, that one is not inordinately fond of this task and go about it with as much military precision as possible to ensure it is as brief a sojourn in to the local town as humanely possible. One does make the effort to be clean and tidy therefore 'twas most delightful to receive not one, but two, compliments on the particular garment I was wearing and enquiries as to the establishment from which it has been purchased. My dears, I was quite pink with delight for my seamstress friend is a most diligent tutor and I do believe this to be a compliment of the highest order and testament to her tutoring skills. The finish of the garment was much admired and one fair glowed with delight for my friend. Once home, I utilised the technological device to inform her for 'tis most important to afford the compliments whence they are due, do you not agree.

Monday, 5 March 2018


Whilst it has been a stark few days of freezing temperatures, one has ensured the birds are well cared for with extra helpings of winter fuel and water readily available to help them through the coldest days. One has had the joy of all manner of birds feasting upon the food supplied, from pheasants in their glorious finery, to Robins, blackbirds and many more. It has been a delight to see so many at one time. As I drove my carriage homeward bound this very evening, there at the top of the lane, sat atop the hedgerow was a beautiful gleaming barn owl intent on its prey. My dears, the utter delight of espying one so close to home was quite scintillating. As I drew nearer, up it rose in flight so effortlessley, affording me a delighted glimpse of its feathery finery in full span as it caught the breeze and flew over the carriage, an ethereal being in the dusk. Why, it fair made my heart sing.

As the snow slowly thaws the rivers are flowing fast and are now at the top of their banks.  The hills surrounding us still wear a patchy white covering much like a frothy white petticoat peeping forth. It is all so very pretty but a telling reminder of the force of nature when she decides to afford us a glimpse of her might. As I ensure the estate entrance gates are open in preparation for the male guardians return, there is a nip in the air. I can only hope not enough to cause a frost for this could prove treacherous. This morning, after alighting from one's carriage I unwittingly found a patch of ice, falling flat upon my back in no time. Dear reader, thankfully I was unhurt and very much had my humour intact for the thought of my very wet derrière on show after a dip in the snow and ice afforded me much cheer as I made my way to my professional toil. Clearly, one bounces well, dear souls.

Travel safe, however long or short the journey, dear friends.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Good old British spirit......

Well, what a delightful surprise to have the male guardian return earlier than was anticipated. A brief message upon the electronic devise and out I dashed to meet him for he had managed to slowly wend his way home bar the last few miles, which he undertook on foot. Due to the snow, the last few hilly miles were too icy for his small carriage, thus necessitating leaving it further away in a large lay-by. As he set out to walk through the village that precedes ours, a most delightful gentleman in one of those most covetable of country carriages, a four by four, did stop to offer him a lift. This dear chap whisked the male guardian to the centre of  our nearest village in moments, with a cheery wave as he went on his way. Thus, as I walked to the crest of the hill with my neighbours and their children, off to make the most of the snowy countryside on the nearest steep hill with their sledges, I espied the male guardian sauntering t'ward me. Oh, what a delightful sight, my dears. I was most pleased to have him home safe and sound. 

Today, the weather has turned warmer and the snow is deflating faster than a soufflé from a hot oven. Early this morn, we walked up to the village for the periodicals, calling in on a dear elderly gentleman colleague of mine to ensure he was sufficiently stocked and warm. Once reassured, we felt happy to continue. It was a delightful walk, meeting many people along the way and it was so wonderful to see the indomitable British spirit was once more to the fore. We passed the time of day and spoke to any number of people along our way, in the village and back through the lanes to our home.

Later we ventured out once more in an attempt to bring our carriages home for the snow and ice had fast turned to slush and water. First to be rescued was my own small carriage, still covered in and surrounded by snow. As we attempted to dig it and push it out of the drift, several people stopped to help and lo, it was free. We drove a further few miles to the male guardians carriage which was also clad and surrounded by ice covered snow. Again, as we worked on freeing it, a most delightful young man stopped his own carriage to assist. My dears, he was so smartly dressed I did protest at his offer but to no avail for he was most insistent and once more a carriage was free. With a handshake and a smile for the thanks he was gone, on his way. We all but got home when the male guardians carriage found difficulty at a junction where snow had built up. For the third time, many willing hands made light work and we continued on our way. Most carefully we traversed our single track, steep lane and home we were, with some assistance from our dear neighbour to ensure both carriages were suitably on the drive of our small estate, for the snow there was well clad in a thick layer of unbroken solid ice.

Dear reader, whilst dear old Britain fair grinds to halt in the face of a few inches of  snow, what does not is the British spirit. At times like this, help is readily offered and at hand. The male guardian and I have both given and received it over these snowy few days and oh, dear souls, how it fair warms the heart and makes one proud to be British. 

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Oh, dearie me.....

Well, it may be the first day of spring but one can never say never in dear old Blighty. Poor Scotland has been in the grips of a red alert winter weather front that has now settled over the south west, with much of the country experiencing snow, ice and blizzards. Many roads are closed and there are snow drifts building that one has not experienced for many a year. The male guardian took the carriage early this morn, bound for his professional toil, and lord knows when he will return. We are, dear reader, most experienced in the drill for bad weather and off he goes, packed for days away, with suitable supplies in the carriage including clothes, food and the necessary sleeping bag etc that is required when one travels such a distance to ones toil. Despite my own professional toil being much closer, when one lives in the countryside, with small, single track lanes to traverse, one must be prepared to take one's time and walk, if necessary. Whilst the journey in early this morning was slow, the journey home took a good hour and a half to achieve, dressed suitably in cold weather gear for the  beginning and end sections, including a warm hat pulled down low, a wind proof snood pulled up high so that only the eyes were exposed to the inclement weather, a good wind and waterproof coat with a hood to keep my woollen hat dry and warm, fur lined gloves, walking socks and both walking boots and Wellington boots for different conditions. My dears, one was snug as a bug as one made one's way home, walking the last mile or two across terrain that had not seen a car for quite some time today, going by the virgin snow, as one made one's way into the village and out the other side, down country lanes and home. It has to be said, however, that oh, it did look so bleakly beautiful. 

On reaching home, I was most delighted to find that the log burner was still alight, after being banked up and on a slow burn since last night. This morn, before leaving, one ensured it was well stoked for the day and lo, I arrived home to find enough hearty embers to once more have a beautiful fire going in minutes. Our little home is warm and snug, and one will ensure the home fires continue to burn throughout this wintery spell. The log basket is full to brimming, the pantry well stocked and the bird feeders topped up for the night. All one awaits, at some point, is the safe arrival of the male guardian but not, it seems, for sometime, me thinks.

With more snow and blizzard like conditions forecast overnight, one really must hunker down as best one can. Only the morning light will tell if one is able to reach one's carriage to venture forth to one's professional toil once more. In the meantime, we do so hope, my dears,  that those of you residing in dear old Blighty take heed of the warnings and stay safe and sound this night.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Splendid time...

What, my dears, can one say, bar a very massive, and grateful, thank you. You may enquire to whom and for what, and indeed, I will tell for 'tis threefold. Firstly, to my dear friends and colleagues at one's place of toil for a very kind, thoughtful and delightful gift on my Birthday. One really was touched most deeply for the thought and kindness that had gone in to it, for which I am most grateful. 

To my darling male guardian who really is such a thoughtful and generous man whose gifts never fail to amaze me. Quite how the dear man doth manage to get it so right is beyond me, for when the tables are turned, one really is most woeful at reciprocating, for fear, 'tas to be said, of getting it wrong for the male guardian really is quite definite on what he likes and does not. This doth make the art of the surprise somewhat difficult, dear reader, as I am sure you can imagine.

We spent an hour or two in a nearby small city, staying only as long as necessary to partake of a quick and light lunch of something hot and nourishing as we perused the freshly cleaned facade of the cathedral, such a beautiful building. We arrived home all the better for our rather quick canter through the streets and wonderful carriage ride home across our beautiful countryside, clad in its winter best on such a fine day. Once we had removed our cold weather finery, we partook of a little tasty morsel to go with a pot of freshly brewed coffee in honour of the birthday status. A quiet evening in front of a blazing fire was a surefire way to a county girls heart, dear souls.

The third part of my grateful thanks is to the most glorious of crisp cold weather fronts we are experiencing; oh, how I love days such as these. Curulean blue sky that goes on to infinity, bone numbing coldness and air so sharply crisp why, one could believe it cuts. Oh, how I love them. Wrapping up warm, stomping up hill and down dale, returning to fires lit early and hot nourishing food, the log basket piled high for the evening ahead;  February is after all, a winter month. Long may it last is my wish for I would rather have a crisp cold day than be rain soaked once more, for we have had many this winter, have we not.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, dear twin sister, for this moment in time, a whole year older (not necessarily wiser) than your "baby" twin sister. Oh, dear soul, how this does tickle my fancy every year. Do you remember each time we had to impart the information of our twin status, you always let people know you were the elder by twenty minutes. Herein, I let the world know that you are a officially a whole year and twenty minutes older for the next two hours til the clock strikes midnight. Why the hilarity this affords the male guardian and I is deliciously childish and fun, dear girl. Do have a lovely day, speak soon.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Another year....

Well, dear souls, another year and another birthday is on the near horizon. For some people the passing of another year creates angst and dismay. For myself, I am at a point in life where one really is content with one's lot. I have a husband I love and a home we have created together. I have friends, some from my early, formative years and some newer, from both my personal and professional lives, in whose company I laugh and very much enjoy myself. I am healthy, albeit a little grey around the edges and beginning to creak a bit, but can laugh at this and get on. I believe in making an effort to look passable each day, but am a great believer in ageing naturally, with an aim to look tidy yet respectable. I  am learning new skills and hobbies that are creative and stretch the mind, giving me great satisfaction. I love the country in which I reside and appreciate the beauty of it every day, glorying in nature and wildlife, the colours and scents, as I go about my daily life. The family, whose contact we keep, are a joy to be with in person and across the various waters of the world. I undertake  professional toil that I still feel passionate about despite the constant and varied demands of it 

As many of you will know, I am a twin, and my dear twin sister resides on the other side of the world.  Pisceans by dint of birth, swimming in opposite directions but always together, yet apart. We have both had varied lives, filled with different adventures but when we are together, why 'tis we like we have only been in the other room. Some people have remained constant in our lives, others come and gone, but we are both happy and content in what we do and with our respective soul mates; for that, my dears, one is most grateful. As I sit and contemplate the last few years, there have been many changes to how one lives one's life, but, dear reader, I do believe us to both to have weathered them well and to be in a good place; long may it last. We both love the countryside we live in, being out and about in it, we love our homes and enjoy them, and take pleasure in life when we can amidst the toil. So, my dears, all in all, one looks t'ward the coming birthday with joy in the last year and a skip in the heart for the ones to come. One is hale, hearty and happy, what is not to like, dear souls, for ageing is not a pleasure all people have the chance to experience and one should appreciate the ability to do so. In the words of the wise, "life is not a rehearsal, live it once and live it well" - a scramble of maxims I fully intend to embrace, my dears, as should we all.