Sunday, 27 December 2015


Where does one begin to write a eulogy, my dears, for it is an important summary of a loved ones life. My lady guardian is one of six and to bring together fond memories that are both shared and commemorate the loved ones individuality,  can indeed be a difficult task. However, six memories are a rich seam of information to tap and have delivered some joyous moments of delight on which to reflect, that should lift a mourning heart from sadness to the comfort and joy of having shared the deceased ones life. For in the words of Tennyson "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all",  a fact that has given great solace over the last few days. 

The task of packing up the effects, whilst mournful and truly emotive, should be viewed as a summarisation of the loved ones life viewed in objects that raise, in their handling, fond smiles and tears of joy for a life well spent. Photographs, a captured moment in which to revel; perfume a tug on the olfactory heart strings. 

The poem by Henry Scott Holland, "Death is nothing at all" a reminder to loved ones to talk, smile, laugh and enjoy the life of those no longer with us, for in these very acts do we keep the memories alive and fresh in our minds.  As in the words of the poet, "All is well".

Friday, 25 December 2015

Peace on earth & goodwill to all......

Dear friends, may we wish you a sombre but heartfelt Merry Christmas, and wish for peace on earth and goodwill to all.

It has to be said, my dears, that 2015 has not been our finest year. My male guardian saw the loss of his Mother, our little family the loss of my beloved brother and nought but a few days ago, my lady guardian experienced the loss of her beloved mother. This Christmas day sees a subdued family, awaiting arrival from the Australia's of her beloved twin sister. As I write, my lady guardians eldest sister is awaiting arrival in our capital city. Once united, they will make haste in the carriage to our small estate where the home fires blaze to welcome them all, weary travellers. An emotional time awaits but one that must commemorate a life well spent, with inevitable tears but also joyful laughter of shared fond memories. A life well lived, with an unexpected end but one that, whilst hard for those left behind, was mercifully calm and peaceful. Such as one can only wish for.

We go this way but once, live life to the full in whatever that may mean for you but more importantly, enjoy it. 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas preparations and calamity...

Well, dear souls, the count down to Christmas, the most joyful of celebrations, has begun. Once more my guardians have embarked upon the gathering of small tokens destined for family members. The Christmas cards bound for Australia and America are wending their way across the seas as I write, as do many a greeting bound for various counties within the United Kingdom. I do believe there is nothing more delightful to receive than a hand written card, notelet nor letter. Whilst my guardians and I have fully embraced the electronic correspondence, the warm feelings that one experiences on receiving a hand written missive cannot be dismissed. I do so hope you have sent yours with love and affection to those in your hearts and minds.

Serious consideration has duly been given to the festive feast with many discussions undertaken. The garden has been surveyed for suitable greenery and a small Christmas tree purchased. My lady guardian has this very day fashioned a suitable wreath to adorn the entrance to our home on this small estate, gathered from the garden, red bows become the small bays trees atop the steps to the front door. Paper cut snowflakes fashioned for all to enjoy. Oh the joy of simple country adornments.

Calamity struck this evening however; my mistress had completed her self determined tasks for the day and was enjoying a light repast of home made soup. As she ate she felt what she believed to be a small stone or some such article in her mouth. Alas, dear reader, no for my mistress, on investigation, revealed a portion of tooth that had broken free from a molar. Oh dear, dear me. My poor lady guardian is naught feared of much bar the dentist who she must now throw herself upon their mercy once more. On the morrow she must enquire of the availability of an appointment and trust that her courteous, gentleman dentist does take pity on her. A most anxious evening and night will be spent in fearful anticipation. I know you will wish, as I do, for a speedy conclusion to this sorry tale for my lady guardians sake.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winter weather and December

My dears, one must send our thoughts and prayers to the people in Cumbria and the Scottish Borders following the most awful of deluges that has seen more rain in one day than has been recorded before. Oh the sorry sight of water rising to waist height and making its way through streets, houses, indeed anything in its way. Why Carlisle has been devastated, as have Keswick and the borders. Why even the best of defences could not hold back such a surge of water, some 14 inches in a day. Roads, power, and the basics for life all paralysed by water. Here in my home county we have great empathy for you, having suffered a similar problem. We are thinking of you.Take heart my dear friends, take heart.