Sunday, 31 July 2016

Glorious weekend

Oh my dears, what glorious weather we have enjoyed this fine weekend. Why, both my guardians were with me and we did spend the larger part of it enjoying our small estate and partaking of our meals "al fresco". There are, of course, always jobs to be undertaken but they are no hardship when the sun is shining and a light breeze prevails to keep one cool. The lawns therefore are neat and trim thanks to my male guardian, whilst my lady guardian did tidy the new front border. The new roses are in bloom, planted in memory of my lady guardian's departed mother, plus the rose planted for her father (some eighteen years ago) has delayed its blooming to flourish together. United in their beauty and the joys they give. I, for my part, ensured the standards my dear late brother did believe in. 

This evening we spend some joyous hours as a family, enjoying each other's company, resting before my guardians' return to their professional toil. Oh how we do enjoy these restful hours together. For we are lucky to have one another, of that we are sure.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Rest and recuperation

For those of you who have followed us a while, you will know that I am a firm exponent of the restorative powers of a little rest and recuperation. It has therefore been delightful to have my guardian's with me this last week doing just that, away from professional toil, allowing oneself to "sniff the roses". In this thoroughly modern world it appears all too easy to set ones cast, jump on the treadmill and keep going, full pace without thought for ones peace of mind. This week has been about freeing the mind to float at will and enjoy simply being, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and enjoy each other's company. Delight has been taken in being the three of us, free from duty, and expectation. Such a life enhancing time. Enjoying our modest home, our lives unfettered by the ticking of the clock nor demands of others. My dears, we thoroughly recommend it. So restorative. 

The joy in waking unencumbered by routine, by taking pleasure in simple summer foods, a good book, the garden, glorious music, all accompanied by an English country garden at the height of summer and those important to us. Simply divine, my dears, simply divine.

My lady guardian is so very fond of the poem "What is this life so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare", a worthy read to reflect upon and one, as you know,  I thoroughly recommend my dears.

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Well, dear friends, the first two days of this week did remind my dear guardian's of the summer of '76, with clear blue skies as far as the eye could see and blazing sunshine reportedly hotter than the Sahara. How my male guardian did love it, however, those of you in the know will remember my poor dear lady guardian's aversion to anything above 20 degrees. Two days to be endured and despite not venturing forth in direct sunlight, managed to catch the sun despite all attempts to avoid this very situation; alas being of the Celtic red colouring has its disadvantages. Not however to look a gift horse in the mouth with enforced static activities, some small fine knitted garments have been attempted in reference for future work and a very pleasing outcome there was, much to my lady guardian's delight. For myself, I have done my duty and kept my guardian's company whilst sat in the sanctuary garden, one under a becoming garden parasol, the other very definitely enjoying the sunshine

Today, we have had a light smattering of rain amidst the warmth, for which we are grateful,  as the new hedging is still in its early stages requiring copious watering from the water butts, the contents of which are now very low. The grain in the fields surrounding us is a glorious golden and in certain parts of the county, harvesting has begun. Oh my, how the year does fly. Our small estate looks glorious and a joy to behold, much to the delight of my guardian's.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Dear reader, I do impart this in a whisper, for I believe the elusive British summer day did show its face briefly this very day. Quite the most delightful afternoon. I confess I did spend it in the sanctuary garden betwixt the new sun terrace and the shade of the orchard, as I whiled away my time between guardian's, taking the air, or as my late darling brother would oft be heard quoting " busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do". I do, of course, beg to differ for I do believe in the restorative benefit of contemplation and where better to undertake this than the sanctuary of ones own garden at the peak of loveliness. Why the roses abound, hydrangeas are aplenty and the mock orange is quite a sight for sore eyes. It does fair drive the honey and bumble bees wild. What is more British than the sound of a busy bee perusing the gardens floral delights, the sound of its buzzing waxing and waning as it negotiates the various flowers, whilst one lies  basking in the glorious warmth of a fine summers day. The crops in the fields surrounding our little estate grow steadily more golden preparing for their day of harvest and, oh my, how the apple crop does grow. How the seasons do race t'ward one another. My male guardian and I do fully intend to enjoy each joyous summer day to its fullest, lapping up the warmth of the sun. We do so hope you have the opportunity to do the same.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Oh my dears........

Oh my dears, what an awful, awful time we have had trying to understand this technology. Why, I can only apologise, for it had near defeated us. We were, however, my dears, saved from ruin by my male guardian with his knight in shining armour helmet firmly in place and lo, we are back! Such a momentous relief and all thanks to our darling man. Why, my dear lady guardian was quite beside herself with frustration. Thankfully, all is resolved and we thank you for your interminable patience. 

Well, quite frankly, where to start. Perhaps the beginning would be best. 

Since our last missive, our small estate garden has undergone some refashioning, as we had previously eluded to. The sun terrace has been completed and oh my, what a transformation. A little larger and LEVEL, dear reader, level. One cannot explain the joy for my guardian's in being able to partake of a much needed cup of tea without fear for the family crockery. Afternoon tea can be partaken safely. 

The new border has burgeoned; the roses are out in all their glorious splendour. Why, the rose so kindly bought in memory of my lady guardian's mother (by my lady guardian's professional colleagues) is most becoming in all its beauteous pink colouring. The scent is quite marvellous to behold. Thank you so much professional colleagues, such a kind gesture.

The sanctuary garden has also undergone a small face lift, with tired plants removed and new planting now established. Oh the joy of selecting and planting anew, such a delight and it has certainly been worth the wait, dear friends.

Lastly, the boundary hedge to the fore of our little estate has been removed and replaced with a new, and, one trusts, more manageable yew hedge. The current changeable weather has been to the benefit 
of this new planting, much to my guardian's relief. 

The garden therefore abounds in all its summer finery, scenting the air with the most delicious of fragrances. Truly a sanctuary to revel in.