Sunday, 17 April 2016

Serious designs on the estate gardens

Well, dear friends, there has been quite some consideration regarding the estate gardens. My lady guardian, despite her professional toil and charity work, has found some time in her erstwhile busy schedule to turn thoughts to the home front, in particular, the gardens of our small estate. There has been much pondering, research, measuring and head scratching. A new border has been started and work begun to remove an old hedge; measurements taken and calculations made for the order of whips for the new hedge. The small sun terrace has been reviewed; for some time it has been obvious that it would need renewing. My guardian's had put this off for some time however the proverbial bullet bitten and a date set for the upheaval to begin. Oh my goodness, the mess that will ensue. It has to be said that a low profile will be kept on my part during these operations. However, it will be a delight to partake of one's meals "al fresco" during the summer months.

The new border has been enhanced with good old fashioned scented roses of quite the most delightful of gentle shades. No plant has been left unconsidered in the search for plants that are becoming and enhancing with the added benefit of attracting the wildlife. 

The sanctuary garden is also receiving a review, with old plants past their best removed and a good tidy up for the rest of the borders. Such a satisfying job with the added benefit of a beautiful garden to behold once it has established. 

The onset of Spring and British summer time have put a spring in my guardian's step and our small estate is benefitting from this. One has to monitor their enthusiasm, therefore I spend many an evening and weekend with them in the garden, weather permitting. Despite the extra hours of sunshine, we still have sharp frosts, as we did this very morning, and the winds can be quite cold from the north or east. Oh I do delight in the springtime, such a beautiful time of year.

Monday, 11 April 2016


Relationships, are they not the most fascinating of things, my dears? I do find the intricacies of a relationship most informative and, indeed intriguing. What is it that lays the foundation for a person's interaction with others? Is it within their very make up, is it learnt behaviour; from the environment we exist in, or one's mental ability to understand and process what happens to us and what goes on around us? Or is it purely based on a primeval instinct to survive, to chop and change to match the situation.
I have to confess, like my dear late brother, I am an ardent people watcher. Such a fascinating subject with never ending potentials. I have quietly observed, and reflected upon, the happenings within our lives over the last six months. I am never surprised by humanity nor the complexity of the lives they live, how lives are interwoven and relationships created or broken in the blink of an eye. As in the words of Confucius "life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated."  However, the words of Maya Angelou resonate "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel."
I am fortunate to have a relationship with my guardian's that is warm and makes me feel safe. Their love for me is consistent, understanding that whilst I may change, our relationship does not. I am, dear friends, a most fortunate individual, to be on the receiving end of such unconditional love, even, it has to be said, despite my habit of sitting on my lady guardian's pillow and grooming her. Yes, I am an early bird, but one must ensure one's family are presentable, even if this means a grooming session at four in the morning. 
Do you not agree?