Sunday, 25 January 2015

Winter months......

Well, my dear friends, we may be in the depths of the winter months but planning aplenty forges ahead. What to grow in the kitchen garden, of course a priority, but also many a show and tell session regarding the cutting garden as well. Dreaming of the bounteous and fruitful baskets of produce a delight to entertain these cooler months. A new trug, a gift to my lady guardian for the festive season, will no doubt provide sterling service, along with a sturdy basket to transport the wares from one estate to another. Much excitement this week regarding a larger and more sturdy wagon to transport all manner of items was purchased by our lady guardians brother in law. My, my such a joyous thing to behold. The very first journey will be to purchase some fine compost to enrich the kitchen garden, a must for any serious gardener. The benefit of the larger wagon meaning only one trip is required to transport this important produce. 

Planning also for the continued upkeep of the estate; a little like the forth bridge but we a merely keepers for our time. An old home requires love and attention on a regular basis hence the annual review of the estate, with lists drawn to prioritise the work and tradesmen required. Following on from the new windows last summer, is the internal decoration of all, yes all rooms. My guardians are modest in their requirements and therefore the walls will be freshened with paint only. New drapery is required in the dining hall and my lady guardian will set to once the material has been chosen and purchased. The estate garden as always requires upkeep and my guardians will fit this in amongst the other requirements. 

The joy of winter however is the quiet evenings spent enjoying the fruits of one's own labour; the fire burning in the grate with logs cut by ones own hand, a nourishing meal all made from one's home grown produce and the benefit for one's mind and body in ensuring the continued supply of both. February can bring some of the harshest weather therefore a plentiful larder and log shed are warming thoughts in themselves.

My lady guardian has spent these evenings fashioning a crocheted blanket for the expected first born of a colleague; with care and attention a delightful blanket is forming before our eyes. I do believe one should test these things before they are given, alas my lady guardian is most strict about this matter and keeps it firmly packaged away from my brother and I.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Ladies and Gentleman, may we respectfully introduce...............

My sister and I have great delight in presenting to society our new Australian cousins, for the first time. Such delightful young things as you can see and SUCH beauty. One could fall deep in to those beautiful blue eyes, and, Oh, those matching coats. Such darlings. As one grows older one appreciates fine young things for their grace and energy. Why, as you can see, such is their energy that even the modern day technologies have difficulty in capturing them at speed. I am sure you will agree, they really are quite lovely.


Speed of light - yes there are two kittens here

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Great news, a happy occassion

Oh, my dears, such delightful news, I cannot tell you! As I sadly reported last year, my lady guardians twin sister lost her beloved companion, Oscar, a dear old gentleman. Since then their home has clearly not felt like a home without the comforting presence of a resident feline. Clearly this was to be remedied at some point and I am quite beside myself to tell, that yes, there has been a new arrival of not one but two felines in to the Australian household. The household is once again complete and in the safe hands of two young felines. Wisely, the Australian family have obviously noted the splendid balance of feline attributes from our very own therefore both a male and a female kitten are in residence. So wise to follow such a perfect example, do you not agree. We will, of course, keep you apprised of any updates on these delightful new arrivals as we receive news. Due to the wonders of this new fangled technology, we are due to talk to our Australian relatives this very weekend. Oh, the excitement of it all, I am beside myself with joy. One very much hopes to post a likeness of these delightful additions if our relatives are in agreement and technology allows. Til then, my dears, til then.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Beauty amidst the inclement winter weather

My dear friends, whilst I was about my duties upon the estate this afternoon, the sky brightened between the rain clouds and the wind, and the sun shone brightly forth. My lady guardian, who was accompanying me, and I paused to witness this golden glow across the countryside. What a joyous sight to behold amidst such inclement weather. Here again, I believe in the maxim oft attributed to Kurt Vonnegut " Enjoy the small things in life because one day you will look back and realise they were the big things". So apt my dears, so apt! What a joyous celebration of golden, do you not agree?

I do so hope you are as beguiled by nature and the elements as my guardian and I.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year one and all

One can hardly believe it but, yes, another year has passed and oh, what a year, my friends, what a year. It has to be said our greatest achievement was the inception of this, our electronic messenger. With great trepidation we undertook our first shakey steps in to the world of technology. My, what a world it has opened up to us. We have managed, with a little effort, to maintain contact with family and friends without any due concerns. We have relayed news from our modest abode and enjoyed the rural quietude this affords; such bliss. From the frothy cow parsley hedgerows to the glossy red berries and leaves of holly, tending the newly established kitchen garden to the warmth of the logs on the fire, cut by our own guardians fair hand. We are unashamedly country dwellers, however as you know, we have been known to enjoy the odd foray into some of our smaller, but beautifully architectural, cities. We have been fortunate to enjoy visits with relatives from the Australias and the Americas which has given such joy to our guardians and their family (it has to be said, only tolerated by my dear brother!)

Now, 2015 awaits us, all of us. May we wish you a truly Happy New Year and look forward to updating you throughout our trials and tribulations in 2015. We begin the year as we intend to carry on, quietly.