Saturday, 28 March 2015

Easter cometh......

Why, the first quarter of the year is behind us, dear friends, and Easter is nearly upon us. Spring and Easter, new beginnings, fresh green shoots abound and lighter days.We cast off our winter mantle and go forward towards summer. As one grows older the words "tempus fugit" hold more meaning and sharpens the mind towards enjoying life, for more is behind than in front however robust ones constitution, I speak of course for myself. You may consider this a morbid statement, however, it is merely a recognition of fact and a reminder to ones self to enjoy life every single day. Whilst planning for tomorrow, one often forgets to enjoy today. I do believe however, that my fellow felines and I are a great deal better at this than you, my dear friends, and my human guardians. When the sun shines, we stretch blissfully in its warm caress, lie in comfortable torpor, soaking up the warmth. If it rains, why we find ourselves a snug warm nook in which to nap until more clement weather returns. I am reminded of the great writer, Oscar Wilde, who said " To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

Do not however, dear friends, take this to mean that I live a life of decadence and debauchery, dear me, no. Yes, my guardians and I live comfortably but this is due to their solid, hardworking nature and acceptance of a life of toil to bring these rewards. Many a year has been spent thus to enable the comfortable situation in which we now find ourselves, a fact that I celebrate daily and am truly grateful for. Therefore my bidding to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, as regular readers will acknowledge, is paramount in my recommendations for a happy life.

We will sniff the primroses, gather dew between our toes and watch the sun go down with a heart gladdened by these simple pleasures in our country life. 

In the words of Henry Ward Beecher, "The art of happiness lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things" and if I am not mistaken, I do believe that is the most delightful aroma of an early hot cross bun being toasted! Do excuse me dear friends, duty calls........

Sunday, 15 March 2015

May the Lord deliver us, spring cleaning has begun!

There are times, dear friends, in a mans life when the complexity of the female brain is somewhat baffling. Please do believe me when I say that I am not complaining, dear me no, far from it, for I live in quite the best of splendour. No, dear friends, what perplexes my simple male brain is the marked frenzy of activity know as "the spring clean". Take, for example yesterday; it began well with the usual early rising and ablutions of my male guardian before he took the carriage and spent the day in toil. In ones mind, one envisages a gentle, somnambulist type of day, enjoying the spring sunshine and usual routines,  a stroll through the estate, afternoon tea taken in the garden tucked away from the chill spring wind, and an early light supper before retiring for the day. But, dear friends, what was I thinking! Clearly, I had misread that meaningful glint in my lady guardians eye as she sipped her morning tea, mistaking it for goodness knows what, for it is a specific look of intent that settles there. Oh my, the day that ensued. Windows and doors thrown wide, no corner safe from cool caresses of the bracing spring weather that was enjoyed yestermorn, no stone unturned to brush out the last vestiges of the winter months. Cupboards sorted, floors swept, washed and restored, lines of washing cracking in the brisk wind. Why, my coat was quite ruffled. And so it goes on, for today there is no rest on this special day, being Mothering Sunday. I fear that today brings a repeat and must ensure a place of safe haven for myself. I will, of course, once this frenzy is complete, compliment my lady guardian on her housekeeping for we are fortunate gentlemen, are we not, to be the benefactors, residing as we do in warm, clean, fresh and comfortable homes, presided over by our delightful female loved ones, for which in truth, I am truly grateful. A warm and comfortable home, surrounded by those we love, is quite the best one could wish for, is it not?