Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sunshine, daffodils and washing lines

My dears, the sun has broken forth, the sky is largely blue and, oh my, how fresh and bright it does feel. The light has changed and one feels the tiny movements towards spring. Taking stock of the garden, we have espied daffodils poking shyly forth from whence that have been resting. My lady guardian has embraced the day and the washing line flaps with quite an enormous amount of linen being refreshed and how we shall enjoy the aroma as we fold and store it all later this evening - such a simple pleasure but one that satisfies the soul. Kindling has been prepared and logs gathered in for this evening as, though 'tis delightful during the day, it remains cold at night. The windows have been opened and the house breathes lungfuls of crisp air to refresh each room and the house begins to stir in preparation for the lighter months. For this evening, my guardians have both received a journal, through the postal service, to be enjoyed as the fire crackles and warms the refreshed rooms. 

The garment started by my lady guardian's late mother nears completion, wool chosen to contrast with that started and buttons, yet to be chosen. A garment kept with memories and joy at having completed a project that was shared. My lady guardian's mother was a prolific knitter, having six children to clothe, and taught them all the art and craft of the needles, all of whom produce garments of one type or another. How lovely to contemplate the art of the craft continuing, such a delightful heritage, and really,my dears, quite the most practical.

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Well, dear souls, it has indeed been an interesting time of late. Not only has dear England made some important decisions but all eyes are on our American friends as they move from one president to another. Interesting times indeed; for some frightening, others enlightening; whichever direction, lets us pray, dear souls, it is peaceful.

Time is also something that has become better utilised in our own lives as we move from one phase to another; time has been freed from previous commitments to allow for new ventures and horizons. Life twisting and turning in ways one had not foreseen. One has to say, my dears, from where I, the feline member of our little family, is sitting, we are indeed in a fortunate position

January can, dear friends, seem like such a bleak month. The last few days have been frosty and cold but the joy in hunkering down, log burner ablaze, is really quite delightful. My male guardian returned from a night of toil yester morn and we have spent the time delighting in our favourite simple past times, simple but significant, as family time should be. 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Start as one means to go on....

I am, my dears, as always quite astonished at the speed in which things can happen if one puts one's mind to it. As you may recall, my lady guardian made plans at the end of last year to renew her practice with regards to her love of art, design, textiles and colour; this last week saw the first results of this displayed in our own home for review. Why, ''tis quite amazing and has quite renewed her enjoyment of the subject, for she was fair bubbling with enthusiasm for the rest of the week and studiously preparing for this week's foray in to the subject. A missive to her twin sister was duly sent as requested to "show and tell" the week's achievements - such fun, dear souls, such fun and much joy and laughter it does give. 

The question regarding music has also taken shape, with much studying undertaken to learn the art of reading music. Snippets long forgotten are coming slowly to the fore and the brain is beginning to respond to learning new skills. 'Tis a long road but, my lady guardian is well known for perseverance. 
To aid her in her studies and choices, she wisely partook of some time at a well known and long established music emporium of excellent repute, indeed, her twin sister was taught by the founding gentleman many years ago in her youth. Oh my, my the joyous sound emating as my lady guardian opened the door was quite delightful. Clearly a day for budding and habitual flautists alike; quite, quite exquisite. The array of musical instruments quite breathtaking. A most helpful number of  the attentive staff were available to help and some very sensible advise they imparted, clearly musicians themselves and determined to help. Despite the impediments my lady guardian discussed, they were very helpful and indeed 'tis quite the most sensible of options they offer to "rent" an instrument for a period of time to ascertain ones ability and aid in ones final choice of instrument. How very sensible my dears. Their maxim "never too old too learn" dispelled the sense of anxiety and inadequacy and sparked a little hope. Time will tell my dears, time will tell, but a seed has been sewn and the journey of a thousand miles begun with two simple steps. So very exciting.

The Antipodeans are also forging ahead with their plans and flurries of little missives dart back and forth across the electrical postal system keeping us informed of each other's progress. My lady guardian and I are both in awe of the technology enabling this, as well as research for new projects that can be undertaken and learnt via this little electronical device; it makes one fair wonder how one ever learnt anything before, my dears. 

Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year, New beginnings .....

Well, dear readers, a new year has begun and my darling guardians are looking forward, much as we have mentioned with our Antipodean relatives who are in a most exciting phase of their new beginnings. My guardians await further news and, whilst they are waiting, have been planning for our own year ahead and, oh, how exciting it looks. As always, we have assessed our dear little home for necessary works to maintain the fabric of the buildings, plus walked the estate to check boundaries are safe and in working order. The little orchard has been reviewed with a view to some robust pruning at the correct juncture and the gardens assessed with a critical eye. As well as all of these necessary works, thoughts have turned to life and how we utilise it. There will be therefore a number of changes to enrich our time upon this earth. My lady guardian is a lover of art, design, textiles and colour, as our home bears testament to, therefore steps have been taken to renew her practise which has lain dormant for many years; time will tell but I have no doubt a great deal of fun and thus enjoyment will ensue, "the journey of a thousand miles" has "begun with one step" (Lao Tzo). 

Music, for many, is the panacea to all ills and oft a release for those pent up emotions. In their professional toil my guardians' both absorb the emotions of many and thus music can be a balm for this. It is with this in mind that the ability to play an instrument has been considered, however, the ability to read music is lacking. Now, dear souls, does one persever without this ability or does one grit one's teeth and attempt to understand the complexities of sheet music to begin with, or even find an instrument one likes and learn the notes by rote? Such a question and one to ponder along with which musical instrument to consider. My dears, such a quandary, but I have no doubt that a measured process will be undertaken and no rash decisions made - time will tell. My lady guardian's twin sister was a most accomplished cornet player in her youth therefore a most wise counsel may indeed be sought. It might, of course, after much consideration, lead to nought more than a renewed appreciation for music and those who make it.

My lady guardian has, this last week, undergone a small surgical procedure to rectify a most annoying  problem and is most delighted with the outcome. The first of many steps being undertaken as our new year pans out ahead of us. One feels, dear souls, that a new more refreshing chapter of our lives has begun and we look forward with renewed enthusiasm.