Sunday, 29 November 2015

Busy, busy week

Well, my dears, what a busy week we have endured. Now, it has to be said that whilst busy, my guardians have enjoyed luxurious extra hours of sleep and rest each day, thus, much refreshed went forth each day for a mini adventure. Firstly however the business of maintenance for both the house and carriage had to be undertaken on the first day; then, and only then could they sallie forth. Well, my dearest friends, hither and thither they did venture. Not all however was leisure, for my mistress spent Wednesday ensuring our wood supply. With her fellow woodsman, the new, larger carriage was employed to obtain two vast loads of wood, one for each house. Why the new carriage proved its worth; one trip alone accounted for nigh on three trips required of the older, smaller carriage. Such a vast improvement and time left in the day for more to be done.

Thursday evening was a pleasure for my guardians attended a Shakespearian play with a most prodigious cast. A joyous production it did prove to be, much to the delight of my guardians.

Friday was the wedding anniversary of my guardians and they did spend it doing what they do love, walking in the most beautiful woods of our home county. The sights and sounds of natures finest, the leaves falling as if confetti from the roof of natures finest cathedral, the murmuring and burbling of the river and the song of the local birds the music to accompany their procession. Beautiful mosses, the leaf confetti, fallen trees the pew on which to seat oneself. Truly beautiful and a balm to life's frenetic grinding. Only one other person was seen the whole time they were there. Peace and serenity for my dearest guardians, much refreshed by an hour or three spent thus. Thereafter a delightful hour was spent upon the most delightful of afternoon teas, served in a tiny Victorian tea room by the most attentive of hosts. Such choice to be had and truly to be tried to be believed - an experience to be repeated in due course. Then a perusal of a fine gallery before returning to our small estate.

Dear friends, with my dear brother no longer with us, I do so revel in these brief respites my guardians enjoy from their daily work. Their company is most important to me and thus I have enjoyed every moment I can with them, from the later rising time, to an evening of warmth, the fire lit, enjoying a good book or assisting my lady guardian with her latest woollen garment. I have so appreciated every extra moment with them. Alas, all returns to normal on the morrow, much to my distress. I can only hope for another week as this one in the near future.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Well my dears, such a racket to be had; as you know we have, in the past been most fortunate to make the acquaintance of a fine and dandy gentleman called Cedric Pheasant. He has for many years past our small estate each Autumn and always paid us the coutresy of dropping by on his travels for a tasty morsel and catch up with affairs. Over the years we have seen him and members of his family come and go; my what a pleasure it is indeed to see them in their finery, in the most becoming of autumnal shades - the male of the species are quite outgoing and never afraid to wear the brightest of shades. It is always such a pleasure to hear them as they enter the estate, a cacophony of chatter, shouts and wing beating to be heard. Why the poor field fare, thrush and robin families were quite startled by the noise and briefly rose, as one, to leave fearing danger. My, my the noise; however soon all was restored and all settled to breakfast together in the orchard. Such a beautiful sight and sound, a joy to behold.

Much to my absolute delight, my guardians have a week of respite from their formal toil which means the enjoyment of a slightly slower pace, lie ins, late breakfasts and pottering about. This very week my guardians are blessed to enjoy their 33rd wedding anniversary, a fact they plan to celebrate with a bracing walk and afternoon tea in a little establishment near the coast, and perhaps a viewing of some particularly fine art at a local gallery. Thus sated, they will return and we will enjoy a quiet evening as a family.

In between times however, preparations must begin for the festive season, as much to my guardians consternation, and knowing that it comes around with alarming regularity, it appears to be eminently upon us. Oh my. It has to be said however that sense will prevail and whence the festive period is upon us, all preparations will be safely in place.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wind quartet....

Oh my, my, what a night of weather. We do so hope our Scottish and northern friends have fared well, with the forecasts of bad weather that were broadcast last evening. Why even here the wind was at its most tempestuous overnight, moaning and groaning and sending any apples, left on the trees in our little orchard, crashing to the ground; a symphony from the wind quartet grounded by the bass of the apples dropping.  This morning we awoke from broken sleep to the sound of field fares, blackbirds, robins and song thrushes arguing over the spoils of the nights storm, the sounds of their different voices mingling with the slightly milder wind. There is nothing quite so nice as being ensconced in a warm bed when listening to an overnight storm raging, nor rising in the morning to find that ones home and estate have been lucky and no damage ensued, for which we are most grateful.

My poor guardians however have quite a task upon them in collecting a large quantity of the fallen apples to dispose of such is the harvest this year. I forecast a busy day ahead. They will of course ensure a supply for the wildlife that abounds in our little haven.

My lady guardian will also bottle the sloe gin that has been carefully tended over the last month or so. Neither guardian partakes of alcohol but sloe gin is a desirous gift for country dwellers, plus, with the prospect of a visit from our family in the Australia's again next year, a small stash will be welcome. Our Australian family were quite taken with the small amount my guardians had when they last stayed and, as they are due to visit in Autumn next year, a warming nip may be gratefully partaken. Thus preparations have begun not just for the coming festive season but also with thoughts of autumn next year. Such diligence is admirable, do you not agree?

Sunday, 8 November 2015

A day of rest...

One does enjoy the somnambulant start to the sabbath day should my guardians be fortunate not to have to spend the day in toil. A far slower pace is adopted with a later rising from one's bed. Oh how I do enjoy these mornings. My late brother and I were inordinately fond of a late start on an autumn or winter's morning, which would mean the four of us snugged upon the bed until one of my guardians would slip down to the kitchen to make the first cup of fine English tea, to be enjoyed sat up in bed, wrapped warmly against the chill. My guardians and I continue this ritual whenever possible. My male guardian will don his reading spectacles and enjoy a few pages of the latest tomb, whilst my lady guardian will either continue the crafting of a fine garment or assist me in updating you, my dearest friends. We are fortunate that the bedroom is dual aspect and a very fine view is to be had from either window; one overlooking the orchard and the other, the view beyond the approach garden - both a delight upon the senses. 

Once the time has come to rise and the ablutions performed, a leisurely late breakfast or indeed "brunch" will be partaken and the broadsheets examined, particularly by my male guardian who likes to keep abreast of current news. My lady guardian however is nought so fervent in her perusal, preferring to potter about our domain, tidying and tweaking to ensure our continued comfort.

Slower days are rare indeed, my guardians oft in toil, therefore these rarities are enjoyed to their fullest where we can. Today is one such day therefore I will bid you a hasty adieu. I do hope that your own sabbath is equally as restful.