Friday, 17 July 2015

The v-e-t

As you know, my brother is now the grande age of 15 and has, largely, benefitted from good health. Latterly, however he has given rise to some concern with a marked weight loss, raging hunger and, more recently, jaundice. Today, my dear guardians took the decision to take him to the v-e-t, much to my brothers aggrieved consternation - apparently he shouted at them the whole way, most unlike him! Whilst my brother fears them, the v-e-t that my guardians frequent, are nought but the kindest and best of persons. A somber young veterinarian examined my brother most thoroughly, ran blood tests and took time to listen, most ardently, to his symptoms. In the blink of an eye, he had the results of the blood tests returned to him and two courses  of medication prescribed that my brother must be ministered for the next ten days. Dear friends, such are my brothers good manners and dignified demeanour, that the somber young man did declare him a lovely, fine fellow, commenting on his decorum whilst tests were undertaken. My dears, breeding, as they say, does out and he disported himself most becomingly under duress. My bother, as I write, seems calmer and is indeed resting after the stress of the day. Sadly, he must return to the v-e-t in five days time for a review of his health, a fact that my brother is currently choosing to ignore, taking pleasure from the joy of once more being in his beloved home, surrounded by those who love him and are willing him well.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Home grown food

Well, my dears, my lady guardian has been most delighted by the kitchen garden produce this week. Three potato plants were dug to gauge the success, or not, of this years planting and oh my, what a resounding success they have been. The most delicious of white and red potatoes were divided for supper last evening, though truth be told, there was more than one suppers worth in the trug my lady guardian did bring home.  As well as this was some most tasty home grown beetroot, leaves as well, that will make a most delicious salad with a little feta cheese. My lady guardian was also delighted with the Cavello Nero greens, such a tasty vegetable and addition to ones table and can be eaten as my guardian in laws partake of them, lightly steamed, or as my guardians had, chopped and made a late addition to a butternut squash, sweet potato and carrot soup; added in the last ten minutes to the cooking that adds a little something. A very tasty meal indeed after a busy day spent decorating and general maintenance. 

My dear brother continues life at a slower pace, as indeed do we all, and has enjoyed the weather, both rain and sun, from the garden bench in the sanctuary garden where he can survey our guardians going about their business. He has not lost his appetite and, indeed, utilises his vantage point to ensure he is strategically placed with a most winsome look upon his face should either guardian venture in to the kitchen. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Abundant summer

Why the weather has been typically English this last few days; warm and wet. However one must delight in the fact that this brings forth such joyous rewards. The kitchen garden is gloriously abundant with all manner of vegetable for our delectation and the flowers about the estate are quite, quite stunning. Roses abound with their delectable scents - my lady guardian firmly believes that no rose shall have space in the garden unless scented -, honeysuckle, glorious shades of pink, acid green, white and blush red hydrangeas, echinops in the smokiest of blue / green, mock orange, geranium and so much more. Simple arrangements in pretty jugs are arranged about the house, so quintessentially English country, my dears. 

The freshest of produce is bought from the kitchen garden, with such delight taken in the pleasure of home grown food, why last evening a most delightfully aromatic ratatouille was partaken by my guardians (not to my brother nor my taste it must be said, fortunate however that ones palette is so much more advanced to allow one pleasure in seeing my guardians enjoy such a simple meal).

Whilst my lady guardian maintains the household , our male guardian is painstakingly making his way through the house painting the windows a clean shade of white. The contrast between white frames and the lush garden planting beyond is most becoming; a naturally composed Constable.

Much thought is being undertaken around the fruit produce which, assesing the trees, is going to be abundant this year. My guardians are considering how best to cope with such a glut and many a discussion as to the best option is being considered, with juicing high on the agenda where possible. Time and investigation will tell. 

Monday, 6 July 2015

A life well lived

Our dear guardians have travelled many hundreds of miles today, the saddest of journeys to say goodbye to a loved one for the last time. A small family funeral, a poignant eulogy full of shared remembrances and joyful laughter amidst the tears and sadness. It was a long life, enjoyed to its fullest for, nigh on all, of the nearly 89 years. "We are here for a good life, not a long life" correct in its sentiments, for the relative was fortunate indeed to have both.

At times like these, it is all the more important to return from ones responsibilities to ones small country estate, full of appreciation for the love of ones family and the comfort of home. My brother and I will give comfort to our weary travellers as they recover from the arduous journey. It is always such a joy to welcome them safely home.