Saturday, 2 September 2017

Oh my, what fun

Dear souls, I have had such a wonderful day of crafting. My two friends and colleagues have spent the day with me happily making things together, one teacher, two students, and oh, what a day it has been. My gifted seamstress friend bought along a dress she had made for me in quite the most delectable of fabric and colour - why, my dears, I was quite overcome with joy, not least because of the exemplary craftsmanship that had gone into the making of said garment, it really is quite exquisite. As my other friend and I completed our simple dresses, my seamstress friend proceeded to not only tutor us but produce a most becoming linen t-shirt dress in quite the most delectable checked fabric; her talents have no end, my dears. The dresses we have produced ourselves have been crafted with many new skills learnt along the way, from the correct way to press a garment in the making to overstitching a seam for a professional finish. Oh, what fun with beautiful savoury scones and fresh coffee to refresh ourselves. What a glorious day, why I really have enjoyed myself, my dears.

The cropped cardigan is coming on apace, with the back completed and the left front commenced. Indeed, the garment was sufficiently advanced to show my seamstress friend who also admired it and is currently choosing a colour for herself. Quid pro quo at its best, one crafted garment for another. I really am so delighted that I am in some way able to return the favour.

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