Monday, 28 August 2017

August Bank Holiday weekend

Sadly, my dears, the male guardian is once again at toil however we have had one day together and the mornings to enjoy the amazingly clement Bank Holiday weekend before he sets off in the carriage. Just as I talk of autumn, the sun blazes forth from its hiding place and blasts us with temperatures up to 26 degrees. We have utilised the mornings to take time in the garden before the male guardian must leave, and then, when the hottest hours of the day have passed, I have spent time tidying the garden with a number of mechanised tools. Oh, how I do enjoy a piece of garden machinery, it makes one's life so much easier. Not that I am a shirker, you understand, for I am more than happy to wield a spade, shears or an axe like the next person, however, I am realistic in the use of time and some of these well chosen pieces make light work of some of the larger, heavier jobs. I am sure the gardening contingent amongst you will agree.

There has been a huge flurry upon the farms around us with the onset of  that rare commodity "sunshine" and tractors are abound from dawn to dusk, a sound I am most inordinately fond of. I am happy to idle in my carriage, strategically tucked in to a hedgerow as a tractor wends its way t'ward the farm laden with harvest. A wise move, dear friends, for they are larger than I and I would not like to meet them head on as I fear I may come off worse. A cheery wave is all I ask in return for the courtesy. 

Whilst the male guardian toils, I have returned to the stash of wool my late mother kept in preparation of knitting me a cardigan. Sadly, it never reached fruition but I kept it knowing that at some point I would utilise it. Well, my dears, I have begun a small project of a light, late summer/early autumn cropped cardigan in a most becoming sage green. I am sure you are familiar with the type of garment  I allude to, light enough to take the edge off a crisp breeze, yet warm enough to enjoy being outside without heavy encumbrance. My mother and I chose the original pattern and colour together and whilst I am as yet unable to execute the pattern she would have undertaken, I have chosen one with elements the same,  of a complexity I will be able to complete - might I suggest you take that to mean "easy" as opposed to "complex" in any way, dear souls, for I am nothing if not realistic in my abilities as a knitter. There is enough wool to undertake this, and maybe a little besides. This project is dear to my heart because we chose it together but will also serve me well, for if executed to a good standard, may be the garment I reproduce for my esteemed seamstress friend in return for her guidance in the needle and thread department. Now, what is there not to like about that, my dears. 

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