Sunday, 27 August 2017

Sights and sounds of the country.....

As I write this missive, the sounds of the harvest being gathered abounds as the farmer wields his tractor to gather the bales. The sun is shining, the cows in the next field are heads down, enjoying the sun warmed grass and all around is dappled in sunlight. The last few days have been warm and bright in true summer style, with a cooler feel to the morning  and evening, a tell tale sign that we are edging t'ward autumn. Oh, how I do love mornings like this, waking to the sound of the countryside, with the smell of harvest in the air. The pigeons are cooing and the geese fly over intermittently with their distinct honking call echoing as they fly in their "V" formations; such a beautiful sight and sound. Our days are paced by the sounds of ripened apples thudding to the ground as birds alight from the branches. It is a joyous, plentiful time of year and busyness abounds as we prepare the harvest for the colder months.

The male guardian and I spent yesterday outside in light of the good weather; he wielding a paintbrush on the many windows and I wielding a most delightful hedgecutting machine. The windows required the coat of protection to be updated in preparation for the seasons to come and the yew hedge it's annual trim to keep it in fine condition. The hedgecutting machine is a most delightful thing for it has replaced the hand shears previously used and oh my, my how much easier a job it is now. It is a light and easy wielded piece and I am inordinately fond of it. I am also most proud of the yew hedge, protecting the bulk of the garden from inclement weather, standing proud and tall in crisply shaped finery.  

We were most delighted yesterday to receive a missive via the postal service from the Australias - such excitement I cannot tell, to receive an actual card in the post. Whilst I have taken to the electronic system like the proverbial duck to water, there is nought so delightful as a hand written something being delivered to one's home. We were most pleased to receive it and trust the reciprocal item is received in due course across the waters. 

The bells have begun to ring calling the faithful to church as the farmer gathers his harvest; sounds  so resonant of history through the years in these parts, as in many others. Another joyous day begins.

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