Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Such delightful fun....

My dears,  I have had such fun with my friends and colleagues for on Sunday last the three of us gathered for a day of learning, cutting, stitching, laughter and, of course, a garment, near completion. Why friends, I cannot remember such a delightfully fun and educational day for my friend is a very good teacher indeed. My other friend and I were duly instructed in the art of fabrics, cutting, familiarised with our machines and sewing techniques. Oh my, my, there is much to learn but, thankfully, my dear wise friend had planned a project that would allow us to produce a simple well made garment very quickly but also, wet our appetites for more. Well, the appetites have been well and truly wetted, indeed one could say that we have been positively salivating over the vast choice of fabrics available - we are like children and a sweet shop, our noses firmly pressed against the glass unable to make a choice from the selection arrayed before us. Oh, such delightful choices, so much potential; our dear friend is gently guiding us t'ward sensible choices at the correct level of complexity for our fledgling abilities and thus a garment nears completion much to both of our delights. It is a joy to learn a new and practical skill; who knows what delights await us, dear souls. I  am, however, most realistic to the fact that I have much to learn and am more than happy to be guided by my learned friend. A garment near completion and another on the needles, why, a positive ensemble emerges, my dears.

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